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Ted Cruz Fundraising Starts Off Well

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Ted Cruz has had a good start to his fundraising:

Sen. Ted Cruz has raised $4 million in the eight days since officially launching his White House bid, his campaign confirmed Wednesday night.

And in a sign of his appeal to grassroots conservatives, his campaign said that 95 percent of the contributions came in amounts of $100 or less.

Cruz, who formally announced his presidential campaign on March 23, remains the only major candidate in either party to officially launch a White House bid. He raised $1 million within a day of his formal announcement, and $2 million within the first three days, according to his campaign. Cruz’s campaign said bundlers accounted for one-third of the money raised and that 300 donors maxed out on their contributions to Cruz.

Nobody thinks Cruz will raise more than the careful establishment types who attract the Big Business bucks that keep crony capitalism alive and well. His goal is a relatively paltry $30 million, which is nothing compared to what the crony capitalist candidates get. Still, Cruz says this is a pretty damned good start:

“This constitutional conservative campaign has raised more in the first week than any Republican nominee in modern times,” Cruz said. “We raised more … than Romney did in 2012 … [or] McCain in 2008.”

I’m pleased to be among the 5% who donated more than $100 — but he clearly appreciates every contribution, no matter how small. He is still taking donations here.

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