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Internet Mob-Attacks Indiana Pizza Place for Saying It Would Not Cater a Gay Wedding

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Stop the presses! A family-owned pizza parlor in a small town in Indiana says, not they would refuse to serve pizza to gays, but that they would not cater a gay wedding if asked to . . . which they certainly never would be. I see no evidence that the owners sought out the media to make this statement; rather, it sounds like some ABC reporter was walking from business to business asking if they would cater gay weddings, no matter how unlikely, and found someone who said they wouldn’t.

The thugs soon kicked into high gear. A high school coach was asking on Twitter: “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza with me?” Their Web site was hacked and filled with obscene images. And Yelp and Google have filled up with reviews from the SJW mafia. And, of course, what would a campaign like this be without death threats?

Meanwhile, Dana Loesch has started a GoFundMe campaign for the shop which has raised over $18,000 in the last two hours.

I’ll say it again: to me, this is less about religion and more about the fundamental principle that the only “rights” that deserve to be recognized are rights to be left alone by the government (what philosophers call “negative rights”). What philosophers call “positive rights” — like the “right” to have health care . . . or to have a cake (or a pepperoni and Italian sausage thick crust pie!) baked for your wedding — are actually not “rights” at all. They are attempts to use the government to coerce people into doing things that they have not agreed to do. This is disgusting and it is not freedom.

UPDATE: Please tell me this is all some giant April Fool’s joke.

UPDATE x2: After 7 hours, the GoFundMe stands at over $45,000. That’s a lot of 12-inch pepperoni pies. Well, I guess the Social Justice Warriors have won — if by “winning” you mean “cause a business to earn in 7 hours what it probably would have earned in a good month, if not more.”

UPDATE x3: If we’re talking profit? $45,000 could be a year’s worth of profit for a place like this. Thanks to elissa for challenging my assumptions on this.

UPDATE x4: At 12:09 p.m., less than 24 hours after the GoFundMe campaign started, the money stands at over $210,000. That’s probably years’ worth of profits for this business.

It’s nice that people are standing up for freedom, but Mandy Nagy’s GoFundMe stands at about $31,000, and I think she did at least as much as this pizza place to stand up for freedom — and Mandy needs the help more. If you are looking to donate to freedom today, why not donate to Mandy?

UPDATE x5: Less than 48 hours later, the GoFundMe for the pizza folks stands at over $725,000. (Mandy’s has taken in more than $250 after a week-long lull, which is also nice. Thanks to those of you who contributed.) I probably won’t do another update on this unless it exceeds $1M.

This story clearly taps into a vein of anger out there. I hope these folks will channel that into something productive on the electoral front, like supporting Ted Cruz.

April Fools Day [Updated]

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[guest post by JVW]

You can play Pac Man on Google Maps.

Here’s some more for you gamers out there.

The Indianapolis Colts unveil their all-white uniform.

Baseball Reference allows you to add a beard, mustache, or afro to any player’s profile picture. Check out a modified Babe Ruth:


If you get a kick out of corporate pranks.

Time magazine has a round-up.

Feel free to share your own discoveries.

Update: The Obama Justice Department has decided to file charges against Lois Lerner for contempt of Congress in light of her failure to answer questions during her testimony to the House last year. [Nah, just kidding: that’s my April Fool’s joke for the year.]


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