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Meanwhile, in Unimportant and Whimsical News [Updated]

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[guest post by JVW]

We interrupt the earth-shattering news that a pizza parlor in a small Indiana town doesn’t want to be forced by law to cater a gay wedding to announce something far less vital to the survival of society: it would appear that our capitulations to – er, sorry, negotiations with – Iran have concluded and that the Mullahs of Nuke have gotten almost everything they wanted from our crack team led by decorated war hero John Kerry. The one silver lining is that Iran has agreed to transfer most of their enriched uranium to our staunch, reliable, steadfast ally. . . uh . . . Russia.

Would it be too gauche of Iran to celebrate the deal by publicly executing one of its citizens who has been convicted of engaging in homosexual acts? Has anyone bothered to ask Tim Cook how this nuke deal might help sales of Apple products in the Islamic Republic?

Update: When a Democrat administration has lost the Washington Post editorial board . . . .


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