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Saturday Night Music

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Parthenon Huxley’s first video from his latest album “Thank You Bethesda.”

Parthenon gave me a guitar lesson a few weeks ago as a reward from the Kickstarter campaign for his album. There’s something else in the works, too, but that’s a secret for now. Enjoy the video.

Another Possible Ebola Case in Newark; UPDATE: False Alarm

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Ponder the trauma and inconvenience to huge numbers of people — never mind the danger:

A United Airlines flight from Brussels was met by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials today at Newark Liberty International Airport after a passenger on board believed to be from Liberia exhibited possible signs of Ebola.

The passenger was traveling with his daughter on United Flight 998 and both were removed from the plane by CDC crew in full hazmat gear.

The passenger suspected of possibly having Ebola was taken to University Hospital in Newark for further evaluation. Upon his arrival, the emergency room there was not accepting any other patients for four hours.

A senior federal official said the passenger was exhibiting “flu-like symptoms.”

According to an official briefed on the situation, preliminary information was that the passenger was vomiting on flight but did not display most of the other symptoms.


The man is believed to have flown from Liberia via Brussels, Belgium – the same route taken by Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States.

Duncan’s condition has today been classed as ‘critical’ as he is treated for the disease in Dallas, Texas. Ten people linked to him have been classed as ‘high risk’.

How much longer are we going to endure this kind of nonsense as we continue to allow free travel to and from Liberia? As you ponder that question, consider that Alan Grayson — Alan Grayson! — tweeted this:

If the feds aren’t going to do anything — and it seems they aren’t — perhaps the airlines should consider taking action on their own.

UPDATE: False alarm.

Obama: Nurses Are Prepared; Nurses: No We Aren’t

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I recently reminded you of a statement made by Obama on September 16:

In the unlikely event that someone with Ebola does reach our shores, we’ve taken new measures so that we’re prepared here at home. We’re working to help flight crews identify people who are sick, and more labs across our country now have the capacity to quickly test for the virus. We’re working with hospitals to make sure that they are prepared, and to ensure that our doctors, our nurses and our medical staff are trained, are ready, and are able to deal with a possible case safely.

Nurses beg to differ:

A majority of U.S. nurses believe their hospitals are not equipped to treat Ebola, according to the country’s largest nursing union.

Out of about 400 nurses surveyed by the National Nurses United, 80 percent said their hospitals have not taught them about Ebola or how to admit a possible Ebola patient.

About one-third of nurses said their hospitals also do not have a sufficient supply of protective gear.

“U.S. hospitals are far from ready for the Ebola outbreak,” the organization said in a statement, warning that “Everyone needs to do more to stop Ebola.”

Your federal government has it all under control, citizen. Do not believe the consistent and ubiquitous evidence to the contrary.

Man Who Was in Contact with Ebola Victim Told to Return to Work

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So much for a 21-day quarantine:

The friend of Texas Ebola patient, Thomas Duncan, who visited the man on the day he was admitted to hospital has been told he can return to work as a nursing assistant.

But the agony of uncertainty is not over for Aaron Yah, 43, and his family.

In a confusing twist his wife, Youngor Jallah 35, Mr Duncan’s stepdaughter, as Ms Jallah and the couple’s four children aged between two and 11 have been told they must remain in quarantine with only Mr Yah free to come and go.

. . . .

Both Mr Yah and Ms Jallah visited the sick man on the day he was taken into hospital and the children all spent the night in the apartment where their grandmother often cared for them while their parents – both nursing assistants – worked.

They are among the ten considered high risk by health officials yet the extent to which they have been left adrift in the midst of this crisis is breathtaking.

Do you question your government’s orders, citizen? The Centers for Disease Control have determined that there is no problem. Therefore, there is no problem, citizen.

Also, a clarification: the hospital initially claimed that a problem with electronic records caused doctors to be unaware that Duncan might be infected with Ebola. Silly hospital! Pay no attention, citizen, to the fact that cumbersome and bureaucratic electronic records are a key feature of ObamaCare — or to the fact that, now that federal officials are in town, the hospital has now changed its tune:

The hospital at first blamed a flaw in its electronic records system for miscommunication, but late Friday said that wasn’t the case after all. It also pointed out the patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, did not disclose important information.

In fact, citizen, the hospital might not have even made that claim at all to begin with. It would be best, we think, if that thought were just wiped from your minds.

It never happened. Say it with me: it never happened.

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