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Today’s Quote from Citizen K: The Book About Convicted Bomber and Perjurer Brett Kimberlin

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Today’s quote discusses the convicted bomber’s lawsuit for insufficiently provocative porn:

For a while, Kimberlin had a sideline selling dirty pictures, courtesy of a former prisoner and client who got the stuff from a retail vendor in Chicago. Kimberlin described it as “very good quality, full-color — anal, oral, you know, three-way, everything like that.” Its shelf life, however, was not infinite. “I didn’t know what to do with all of them,” he said. “You know, you can only jack off to a magazine once or twice. I mean, you get bored with it. I took them with me when I went to Oxford [a federal prison in Wisconsin]. I had eighty-seven of these damn things. It was a whole box full. So I got up there and some black guy saw me reading some and he said, ‘Hey, you want to sell any of those?’ And then this white guy said, ‘Do you want to sell any of those?’ And I thought: Well, I’d rather sell them to the white guy than the black guy. So I told the white guy, ‘Look, can you sell very many?’ And he said, ‘Sure, I can sell as many as you got. You give them to me for one-third of the cover price. I’ll sell them for one-half of the cover price.’ So he was the porno king on the compound. And he made his spending money. And my friend kept sending me the porno from Chicago. I probably made about four or five grand on the damn stuff. Brett Kimberlin, porn dealer. Can you believe it?”

The book goes on to describe how Kimberlin picked a new supplier when the old one went to prison. But the new supplier turned unsatisfactory.

In January 1987, in federal court in Madison, Wisconsin, Kimberlin sued Crest Paragon Productions, alleging false advertising, breach of contract, mail fraud, conspiracy, and violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). According to the complaint, instead of the thirty magazines and sixteen books Kimberlin expected when he responded to a back-of-the-book advertisement placed by Crest Paragon, he was sent “fifteen pamphlets and three paperback books of low quality.” He described this material to me as “real old four-by-six black-and-white pictures that looked like they were from the 1960s and came from England.” The tepid paperbacks had titles like Making a Score and Coed Habitation.

Kimberlin complained to author Mark Singer that his $150,000 lawsuit was dismissed by “a fucking Reagan appointee,” and he didn’t feel like paying the filing fee to appeal it to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Singer says that Kimberlin “filed more than a hundred lawsuits and motions in the federal courts on his own behalf.”

UPDATE: Quote from Kimberlin fan @OccupyRebellion:

It’s all about political terrorism.

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