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Newly Released Police Timeline: Zimmerman Was the One Screaming

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An article in the Orlando Sentinel today quotes a timeline from prosecution documents released last week in the murder case against George Zimmerman. Get ready to rub your eyes with disbelief:

1913:36 – Dispatcher asks Zimmerman if he is following suspicious person

1913:36 – Dispatcher advises Zimmerman “Okay; we don’t need you to do that”

1915:23 – Approximate time call with Zimmerman ends

1916:43 – 911 call placed by (blacked out name) where Zimmerman is heard screaming for help

1917:20 – Shot fired; screams from Zimmerman cease

1917:40 – Officer T. Smith arrives on scene

1919:43 – Officer T. Smith locates and places Zimmerman in custody.

Has this already been released and I missed it? Because this seems like what Joe Biden would call a big deal. (OK, he’d call it something else, but we’re not as crass as the Vice President here at

At the bottom of the short article we see where this timeline came from:

Source: The office of Special Prosecutor Angela Corey from the Report of Investigation prepared by Sanford police Investigator Chris Serino.

Serino wanted Zimmerman arrested and charged, albeit with manslaughter.

Is this a Freudian slip? Or are they really saying Zimmerman was the guy screaming on the tape?

Lockerbie Bomber (Finally) Dies

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Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber, has finally died in Libya. We were told he was going to live six months after his release. He lived almost three years.

Someone who sets off a bomb causing death should never, ever get out of prison. Al-Megrahi killed 270 people. Ed Morrissey says:

In the end, Megrahi only served eleven days for each of the murdered victims in the Lockerbie bombing.

And now we’ll probably never find out just exactly what was behind that appeasing decision to let him go.

Incredible: Serial Litigant Brett Kimberlin Files Yet Another Legal Action Against Blogger

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Convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin has filed over 100 lawsuits, including a lawsuit for insufficiently provocative porn and a lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Prisons for not allowing him to have an electric guitar in prison. Blogger Aaron Walker recently revealed how Kimberlin made false statements as part of an effort to have Walker prosecuted for an assault Walker says never happened. Charges against Walker were dropped after a video was located showing that Kimberlin’s account was false in important respects.

As Walker reported, Kimberlin has already been to court a number of times litigating “peace orders” evidently designed to prevent Walker from blogging about Kimberlin’s past as a convicted bomber and perjurer. Now, Walker reports that Kimberlin has filed yet another one:

So here we go again. His abuse of the legal system continues. This is plainly in retaliation for my post exposing with video and documentary evidence, his recent criminal attempt to frame me for a crime.

Bluntly, this is illegal under the Peace Order statute. The court would have to find I did some kind of physical act against him, or that I stalked him or something like that. I have not even been in Maryland for well over a week and I simply put have never done anything to put him in reasonable fear of his life. I haven’t even seen him outside of court. I can’t say I have never been in his presence because somehow he or one of his allies has snapped a picture of me surreptitiously, so maybe he was nearby and I didn’t know. But I know I was never knowingly in his presence in the last 30 days.

The reference to a surreptitious picture is to a post on a blog (which I will not link) run by either Kimberlin or a close associate, that recently published a picture of Walker from a low angle, evidently taken inside a courthouse. Evidently he was being followed by someone in the courthouse, on one of the appearances Walker made to deal with this serial litigant.

Kimberlin uses the legal process to wage war against people who have told the truth about him. This is not about politics. It’s about how one man, together with a small crew of enablers, can use anonymous libelous speech on the Internet and frivolous actions in court to try to squelch truthful speech about his criminal history.

Walker says he will be setting up a legal defense fund soon. Help him out in any way you can.

P.S. I may be setting up such a fund myself. I have evidently been sued as well, in a lawsuit that has Brett Kimberlin’s fingerprints all over it. More about that in coming days.

Photo from the Eclipse

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Taken by my wife, this is a photo of a wall at California Adventure, at the height of the solar eclipse:

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