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Sockpuppet Friday (Moon Unit edition)

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[Posted by Karl]

As usual, you are positively encouraged to engage in sockpuppetry in this thread. The usual rules apply.

Please, be sure to switch back to your regular handle when commenting on other threads. I have made that mistake myself.

And remember: the worst sin you can commit on this thread is not being funny.

In the segment on space policy during last night’s CNN debate, Wolf Blitzer  observed that a lot of people have lost their jobs in Florida as a result of the decline of America’s space program.  It was left to the viewer to draw the inference that Newt Gingrich’s renewed emphasis on ideas like a permanent moonbase was perhaps not merely one of his recurring flights of futuristic fancy, but also an unsubtle pander to a bloc of voters in a key primary.  Left entirely unmentioned was the fact that space programs are among the very few Americans support cutting and the inferences that might be drawn about a politician who will pander away even low-hanging fruit.


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