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Mitt Sixpack

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[Posted by Karl]

That doesn’t sound quite right, does it?  As Erick Erickson noted:

In South Carolina exit polls, Romney wins only the “moderate or liberal”, those with incomes in excess of $200,000.00, those with postgraduate education, those who oppose the tea party movement, and those who think religion does not matter at all.

A number of those have been consistent through Iowa and New Hampshire too.

Fairly or not, Romney seems to have have a wealth problem, exploitable by his rivals now and Team Obama if Mitt gets the nomination.  Oddly, I find myself in agreement with both Erickson and John Heilemann that Romney needs to: (a) “refine his message, not sharpen his knives”; and (b) get comfortable, and quick, in talking about his money issues.  In particular, I would advise Romney to go beyond defending the free market in response to the Bain Capital issue.  That approach appeals to the right, but the abstract principle may not move the casual voter, particularly the blue-collar casual voter.  Romney’s plan to compare Bain’s work to the GM bailout if he becomes the nominee still puts him in the role of “bailout guy,” which is probably not the best frame this year. 

Perhaps Romney should compare his role at Bain to being a doctor.  Sometimes, doctors get to deliver babies or cure sick children who go on to live full and productive lives.  In those cases, the doctor gets to feel great. So it is with some companies, like Staples or Domino’s Pizza. In other cases, the patient is so injured or so sick that they have to lose or limb, or even die.  The doctors try as hard as they can, but sometimes all the lifesaving measures known to mankind are not enough and the doctors feel terrible about it.  So it is when companies get rightsized or go bankrupt.

Some may think doctors are overpaid, but no one would want to live in a society without them.  Mitt Romney is never going to seem like Mitt Sixpack, but he may be able to come across as caring more about more blue-collar families.


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