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Christie Not Running

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will announce on Tuesday afternoon that he will not run for president, ending weeks of intense speculation about his future, a Republican source confirmed to National Journal. His decision means that the Republican presidential field is now all but set.


A source close to Christie said that the governor will cite the limited time frame he would have to mount a presidential campaign and say his focus has always been on governing his state. He will also offer some criticism of President Obama’s leadership, according to the source.

It’s not just National Journal reporting it, it’s MSNBC, NRO’s Robert Costa, Politico’s Ben Smith, ABC News, the WaPo, and so on.

A fair number of people kept comparing Christie to the college football coach who denies he’s leaving for a new school until he scuttles out the back door.  Running for President of the United States is a bit more complicated and involves a lot more in the way of staff and logistics.  Plus, as Ed Morrissey notes, the latest poll shows “only moderate enthusiasm (pun intended) for a Christie candidacy at 42/34.”

I wish Gov. Christie well in his efforts in the Garden State and presume his efforts will be an asset to the GOP in the general election.  I also hope he has additional security assigned to him, given that establishment media’s Cult of Christie is likely unhinged this morning.  Jennifer Rubin could be on him like Princess Leia on Jabba the Hutt in mere seconds.  Stay safe, guv.


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