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Rangel Charged With Ethics Violations

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Former House Ways and Means Chairman and current Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY) has been charged with 13 ethics violations.

I suspect Rangel’s age, status and longevity makes him think he can survive this politically, much as President Bill Clinton survived impeachment. If so, I think Rangel has misjudged this situation.


13 Responses to “Rangel Charged With Ethics Violations”

  1. Indicative of staying at the party too long.
    When “public service” turns into “imperial hubris”;
    Charley isn’t the first to succumb, and he won’t be the last as long as we let these people believe they have lifetime sinecures.

    AD - RtR/OS! (3c90d0)

  2. Didn’t Rangel learn anything from what Adam Clayton Powell went through? Is he so stupid that flagrant disregard for the tax laws that his committee writes would be ignored by the MSM? Even MSNBC reported on his tax cheating ways.

    I’ve seen the IRS jump all over taxpayers for less unreported income than Rangel is accused of. The double standard accorded our ruling class is what is fueling the Tea Party. Next Rangel will claim he’s gotten death threats from racist Tea Partiers and he’ll go on a speaking tour with Shirley Sherrod.

    MU789 (c72197)

  3. Well, Duh!

    AD - RtR/OS! (3c90d0)

  4. I went to that link above and found this typical leftist claptrap at the bottom of page 1 of the comments:

    Texasron : I believe there are some criminals down there in Texas. Delay, Bush, Cheney to name a few. They cost this country billions of dollars and thousands of lives. Those criminals are running free down there, why don’t you give them justice and make them mind our laws? Go for it!!!!BY zygote on 07/29/2010 at 12:40

    Didn’t take long for some dumb lib to shout “but Boooooosh!!! Cheney!!!eleventy!”

    John Hitchcock (9e8ad9)

  5. The taxpayers that get jumped by the IRS for this sort of tax evasion typically work for a living. Charley rides the backs of lesser mortals and is a Democrat Congressman, so he expects that the rules don’t apply to him. Unfortunately, he is probably right.

    Hrothgar (55d26d)

  6. Wouldn’t it be great if Congressmen got audited every year? On camera?

    Kevin Murphy (5ae73e)

  7. Cardillo…

    Gazzer (7ce6e6)

  8. Keep your eyes on the fact that he is accused of violating Federal Statutes. Will the DOJ prosecute Charley? Yes. Of course. That’s assuming they discover that he’s only a white man with a dark tan.

    JPE (0609ab)

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    Laurette Busler (c0997d)

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  11. Good info, but I think there needs to be more details in the 3rd paragraph. Not everyone is going to understand exactly why…

    Spencer Moulds (3ab2aa)

  12. Well who’s to say they’re wrong? Seems like a matter of opinion to me.

    Pattie Swiat (850f89)

  13. I have to disagree. My relatives and I have had totally different experiences.

    Gladis Stutheit (c7c21f)

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