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Weigel/JournoList: Another reply to Conor Friedersdorf

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[Posted by Karl]

I suspect this is the last round, as we are probably past the point of diminishing returns. To briefly recap, I wrote that most people who covered Dave Weigel’s departure from the WaPo over his writings on the now-defunct JournoList missed the point that Weigel used a professional forum to encourage journalists to starve coverage of certain stories or outlets, and to frame coverage of the Massachusetts Senate election in a manner to help Democrats. That post also suggested that the bloggers that spent a decent chunk of this year complaining about “epistemic closure” — including Conor Friedersdorf — defended him without addressing Weigel’s own attempts to encorage epistemic closure via the J-List.

Friedersdorf complained that my post did not fully reflect his opinion of the J-List, and argued that journalists should be judged solely by what appears on the screen or page. I replied, arguing that questions of journalistic ethics routinely involve issues outside what appears on the screen or page. Friedersdorf responded over the weekend. I urge everyone to read the whole thing, as I am going to attempt to both summarize and reply. I would categorize the major disputes this way:


Rangel Charged With Ethics Violations

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Former House Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel (D-NY) has been charged with multiple ethics violations.

Sources reportedly told the Associated Press that “Rangel’s attorney and the committee had failed to reach a settlement, which would have required an admission from Rangel that he broke ethics rules.” I guess this means he’ll take his chances in a subcommittee trial.

H/T jakee308.

New JournoList Leak: Let’s Get Together and Trash Palin!

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Your media betters, working in a pack:

“That’s excellent! If enough people – people on this list? – write that the pick is sexist, you’ll have the networks debating it for days. And that negates the SINGLE thing Palin brings to the ticket.”

More at the Daily Caller.

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