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Boy Samson Prevails

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The 5th Circuit upheld a federal court ruling in favor of Boy Samson and his parents over the Principled Principal:

“The 5-year-old boy’s parents, Kenney Arocha and Michelle Betenbaugh, argued their son, identified in court papers as A.A., has a constitutional right to wear a hairstyle that conforms to his American Indian religious beliefs. Arocha hasn’t cut his own hair in 11 years, believing the long braids have religious meaning. His son’s hair has never been cut.”

There are earlier posts on this story here and here.


Obama’s Voting Rights Priorities

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Voting Section Told Not To Enforce Purging the Dead or Ineligible from Voting Rolls:

“It’s not just the New Black Panther case: in November 2009, political appointee Julie Fernandes told a packed room of Voting Section employees to simply ignore this provision of the “Motor Voter” law.”


Wrapping Up the Russian Illegals Program

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The AP summarizes the Russian spy swap story (emphasis supplied):

The Russian agents had been under observation by U.S. authorities for a decade. The decision to move against them was precipitated by indications that some planned to leave the United States this summer, the official said.
Within days of the arrests on June 27, the United States offered to talk with Russia about an exchange of the 10 people in custody for four people held in Russian on charges that they had spied for the United States. CIA Director Leon Panetta and Russia’s spy chief worked out the exchange, the largest spy swap since the Cold War, a separate U.S. official said.

Panetta had already developed a sound relationship with Mikhail Fradkov, head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, that allowed them to quickly clinch the deal, which traded the 10 Russian sleeper agents for the four prisoners in Russia.”

Credit to Leon Panetta, whose group apparently came up with the idea and helped implement it.


Sword Blogging

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[Guest post by DRJ]

NK and Texas Machinist are sword blogging. Check it out.


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