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Obama’s Stimulus for Sign-Makers

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The Obama Administration means more work for sign-makers:

“On the road leading to Dulles Airport outside Washington, DC there’s a 10′ x 11′ road sign touting a runway improvement project funded by the federal stimulus. The project cost nearly $15 million and has created 17 jobs, according to

However, there’s another number that caught the eye of ABC News: $10,000. That’s how much money the Washington Airports Authority tells ABC News it spent to make and install the sign – a single sign – announcing that the project is “Funded by The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act” and is “Putting America Back to Work.” The money for the sign was taken out of the budget for the runway improvement project.”

The Stimulus reportedly includes sign requirements that require “Funded By: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Barack Obama, President” or the Recovery Act logo that resembles the Obama 2008 campaign logo and purports to be “a symbol of President Obama’s commitment to the American people to invest their tax dollars wisely and put Americans back to work.”

Obama’s name or logo appear to be on these signs. I wonder if someday he may regret that, much like President Bush came to regret his “Mission Accomplished” moment.


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