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AG Mukasey Hospitalized After Collapse

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Attorney General Michael Mukasey has been hospitalized following his collapse during a speech at the Federalist Society:

“Associate Attorney General Kevin O’Connor said Mukasey began shaking while addressing the Federalist Society at a Washington hotel.

“He just started shaking and he collapsed,” O’Connor said. “They’re very concerned.”

O’Connor said he did not know whether Mukasey, 67, had regained consciousness.”

Mukasey has been a mature and stable force for the rule of law during uncertain times. I hope for his sake, as well as for his family and America, that this is something treatable like exhaustion and not something more serious.


15 Responses to “AG Mukasey Hospitalized After Collapse”

  1. That’s terrible news. I hope he turns out ok.

    aphrael (bc967d)

  2. You’re quick on the draw. I tried to post that myself, but three minutes later!

    Patterico (cc3b34)

  3. It’s later where I am so I don’t have as many interruptions as you might at this time of night.

    Also, this AP-Houston Chronicle report says Mukasey was talking as he was taken out to the ambulance. That sounds encouraging.

    DRJ (a50047)

  4. Here’s an interesting first-hand account from Kathryn Lopez at NRO:

    “Attorney General Michael Mukasey collapsed a few feet away from me while delivering a speech to the Federalist Society tonight. It was an important, impassioned speech from a serious man and dedicated public servant. Midway through he seemed rattled by a heckler who called him a “tyrant.”

    DRJ (a50047)

  5. Sounds like a stroke. Ouch.

    Prayers for him and his family.

    (Also, the comments at Politco are exactly what you’d expect them to be)

    Techie (62bc5d)

  6. I hope all turns out well.

    As for the heckler, I had thought better of the Federalist Society. I thought those who would attend such events would possess more civility.

    Scott Jacobs (90ff96)

  7. Scott,

    The heckler may not have been a FedSoc member. I attended an event (albeit co-sponsored) just by RSVP e-mailing (though there apparently were agents at this event for security).

    Karl (eacece)

  8. Hopes and prayers.

    May there be no lasting damage.

    Foxfier (db0f51)

  9. Scott-
    Even the RNC ended up with code pink nuts.

    A lock only stops an honest thief.

    Foxfier (db0f51)

  10. G’luck Muk.

    Da'Shiznit (089453)

  11. Any idea what his mother’s name was (for prayers)?

    Milhouse (89df7f)

  12. Gimmi a break does’t anybody know KARMA when they see it. If I feel over today I would be so far over my head in health insurance bills that I would never be able to dig myself out this is fucking disgusting. He passes out and get over 3000 dollars in tests at MY expense? Who cares if some skum politican goes down.

    Joe (c44e0a)

  13. Cleanup, #12…

    Scott Jacobs (a1c284)

  14. The idiot heckler that shouted “You are a tyrant,” at Mukasey was Richard B. Sanders. This jerk is a sitting Washington State Supreme Court Justice. What a “professional” way to act. He must have fallen asleep during his law school ethics classes…but most of the Washington State Supreme beings never had ethics in the first place!!!

    Jerry "FROG" LeFrois (d8da01)

  15. Joe – How do you know his health care bills are your expense, dickwad? Wouldn’t they be covered by his government healthcare plan if he opted in, just like other government employees? Are you saying government employees pay no portion of their own health insurance premiums or have no deductibles? Is that your argument Joe, that they have Cadillac health plans?

    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

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