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Obama: I Won so Let’s Count MI and FL

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Now that the primaries are over and Obama is the presumptive nominee, he wants the Michigan and Florida delegations to have full voting rights in the interests of “party unity” … a/k/a party unity for him.

MyDD posts his letter to the DNC Credentials’ Committee here.


25 Responses to “Obama: I Won so Let’s Count MI and FL”

  1. It’s a trap!

    Admiral Akbar (04deb7)

  2. From the link:

    now that we have a presumptive nominee, the dispute is mute.

    So, the dispute is going to shut up???

    Steverino (1dda08)

  3. “the dispute is mute” because the Messiah is on fiah!

    Icy Truth (c4ec85)

  4. The dispute is “moot,” I think.

    steve miller (6276a5)

  5. Behold the powah of The Messiah(tm): The lame hear, the deaf see, the blind speak, the disputes are mute….Oh. Nevermind.

    no one you know (1ebbb1)

  6. Heh. I think it was a mistake but it’s a funny one. He could claim he was trying to make the rhyme work better, like “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” or “the dispute is mute [sic].”

    DRJ (9d1be2)

  7. Could be. I would not be surprised since he wasn’t reading off a teleprompter.

    steve miller (6276a5)

  8. Does this Baracky have any principled positions, or convictions? All we have seen, so far, is a series of politically expedient positions, subject to change depending on the audience, polls, and the day of the week.

    JD (5f0e11)

  9. Next, he’ll seat delegates from France and Germany.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  10. …but only if they promise to keep their tires filled up, raise their AC temps in the summer and lower their furnace temps in the winter…

    Dmac (82935d)

  11. …but only if they promise to keep their tires filled up, raise their AC temps in the summer and lower their furnace temps in the winter…

    … and learn to speak Spanish and French … at least more than just “merci beaucoup”…

    aunursa (09c81f)

  12. Oh wait, that’s US who need to learn Spanish and French.

    aunursa (09c81f)

  13. “but only if they promise to keep their tires filled up, raise their AC temps in the summer and lower their furnace temps in the winter…”

    From the mindboggling adoration and worship we saw occur during his trip, I would guess that they already have filled the tires, upped the AC, etc.

    Dana (254946)

  14. Funny that Baracki Boy didn’t say this until after Shrillary asked not to have her name placed in nomination. What a retarded shill Hussein is. I thought he was a smarter Je$$ie or $harpton but turns out a he’s the dumbest of the lot.

    Scrapiron (c36902)

  15. Hillary must be laughing. I can’t believe that even Obama would be this stupid.

    Evil Pundit (646727)

  16. If his poll numbers keep going down, the Dims could throw him under the bus.

    Hazy (56a0a8)

  17. As amusing as it would be to see the Dem’s toss Obama back on the heap, with only a couple of weeks until the DNC, it is virtually impossible that enough super delegates shift allegiances in that short period.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  18. Audacious!

    love2008 (1b037c)

  19. Maybe I’m forgetting the numbers, but don’t those “full voices” actually give Hillary a lead in the regular Deligate Count?

    Scott Jacobs (d3a6ec)

  20. There is no official delegate count in Fl or Mi. At this point they’re all unpledged and can vote however they see fit without violating any rules.

    Icy Truth (c4ec85)

  21. He is showing he can be merciful to transgressors. Yeah, go on, shoot!

    love2008 (1b037c)

  22. actually, that was prety darn funny.

    You’re learning. 🙂

    Scott Jacobs (d3a6ec)

  23. McCain needs to run full blast at ridiculing Obama’s “don’t use energy” energy plan. McCain must run a nationwide powerpoint AD showing he supports: 1) conservation 2) sun 3) solar 4) nuclear 5) coal 6) oil 7) conservation 8) filling up your tires 9) coal 10) oil 11) hydroelectric 12) geothermic 13) nuclear 14) conservation 15) electric cars 16) solar 17) off shore oil extraction 18) off shore oil extraction 19) sun 20) windmills 21) hydroelectric

    McCain has been given a pitch down the center of the plate. But his management team is totally pathetic and/or sleeping at this point. I expect him to lose. His team is incompetent or corrupt.

    One listens to the Kerry/Obama “Exxon must use the leases they have” before using the “leases which actually have oil”, and one wonders: WHERE ARE THE ENERGY PROPONENTS?! Is this really a Republican deal to want to drive to work for little money?

    Wesson (f6c982)

  24. Yikes. I need to proofread better.
    The bottom line is USA needs energy leadership. Leadership! Leadership! Leadership! McCain, get off your fat ass and lead.

    Wesson (f6c982)

  25. It ain’t over until the weight-challenged, kind and polite woman performs her aria.

    kimsch (2ce939)

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