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More Evidence Supporting Perdigao’s Allegations

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There is new evidence supporting some of Jamie Perdigao’s less central allegations of corruption connected with New Orleans’s Adams & Reese law firm.

Perdigao alleged ticket-fixing by a local traffic judge who, in addition to his judging duties, was a partner at Adams & Reese:

In May, Perdigao filed a civil racketeering case against his old firm, claiming that Adams and Reese was engaged in various corrupt moneymaking schemes. One of them, the suit claims, involved the frequent use of [Ronald] Sholes, who joined Adams and Reese shortly after his 1998 election to Traffic Court, as a ticket “fixer” for the firm and its friends.

Turns out there’s something to Perdigao’s allegations.

Traffic Court Judge Ronald Sholes regularly intervened outside of his courtroom on behalf of traffic defendants, many of whom had ties to the New Orleans law firm where Sholes practices, records show.

Of 41 documented cases in which Sholes interceded, typically asking a clerk to “look into” a case, 29 were dismissed by either a judge or a prosecutor. Four were found guilty, according to Traffic Court records. Eight other cases are either no longer in the court’s system or are still listed as “open.”

A number of the cases, all concerning tickets written in 1999 and 2000, involved people with close connections to the Adams and Reese law firm, where Sholes has been a partner since 1999. Unlike their counterparts in most local courts, Traffic Court judges may practice law privately.

As we’ve discussed before, some of Perdigao’s subsidiary allegations have been corroborated. However, the major allegations remain mostly unsupported by any publicly produced evidence.

3 Responses to “More Evidence Supporting Perdigao’s Allegations”

  1. I’m probably biased because of our prior review of this case, but I still don’t see why the court refused to hold an evidentiary hearing on Perdigao’s allegations. There may not be fire but there’s definitely smoke.

    DRJ (9d1be2)

  2. For those scratching their heads – initial Patterico/DRJ post.

    No question about the smoke – it’s the lumps that keep growing under that carpet in Letten’s office which are troublesome. Here is another story which contains the complete? cast for this drama.

    I wonder what Jindal thinks about this mess? Kinda tough to sweep the webs of corruption out when the spiders are so many, so tough and so big.

    Rick Ballard (0a8990)

  3. Does Bobby Jindal have a “Garfield” in his administration?

    Another Drew (8018ee)

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