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Huckabee wins Kansas

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[Guest post by DRJ]

CNN and Fox News have projected Huckabee as the winner in Kansas. There are also primaries or caucuses today in Nebraska, Louisiana, Washington State, and the Virgin Islands.

One of the drawbacks of knowing who the GOP nominee will be is that it takes the suspense out these events. On the other hand, the Democratic race is still interesting. This Pajamas Media link indicates some places are seeing a large turnout for Obama. We’ll see what the election results show.


4 Responses to “Huckabee wins Kansas”

  1. What a bizarre post. On the one hand, Huckabee wins. On the other hand, there is no drama because we know McCain wins everything. (?) See any internal contradiction there? Bottom line here: no one is motivated to get out and vote McCain. But people love Huckabee and we now have a two-man race between a liberal senator and a conservative governor.

    Steve (c0552b)

  2. I don’t see the contradiction. Huckabee may win all of today’s GOP races but even he says it will take a miracle for him to be the GOP nominee.

    DRJ (517d26)

  3. What a bizarre post. On the one hand, Huckabee wins.

    Wins what? Kansas does not elect the President. And yeah, I know you’d love us to run Huckabee against your Magical Kenyan or the Arkansas Cuckold but it ain’t gonna happen.

    nk (1e0a58)

  4. Go Huckabee. We can still have the best man for the job. Don’t give up! Conservatives, stand and be counted, don’t roll over and play dead. If you do Conservatism will die alongside you.

    James (ee9e19)

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