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McCain: “I am a Proud . . . Liberal . . .”

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Now that’s a Freudian slip!

Text: “I will conduct a respectful debate. Now it’ll be dispirited — it’ll be spirited — because there are stark differences. I am a proud conservative liberal Repub — uh, conservative Republican. Hello! Easy there! Let me say this: I am a proud conservative Republican, and both of my possible or likely opponents today are liberal Democrats.”

Via Hot Air.

I am dispirited.

Josh Marshall: McCain Plans to Run Bigoted Campaign Against Obama

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Josh Marshall:

Hopefully, everyone can now see the McCain strategy for running against Barack Obama. Yes, we have some general points on taxes, culture wars and McCain as war hero who can protect us in ways that flash-in-the-pan pretty boy Barack Obama can’t.

But that’s not the core. The core is to drill a handful of key adjectives into the public mind about Barack Obama: Muslim, anti-American, BLACK, terrorist, Arab. Maybe a little hustler and shifty thrown in, but we’ll have to see.

Yes. Because McCain denouncing such tactics is clear proof that his strategy is to engage in such tactics.

Marshall says:

If McCain really wants to repudiate this stuff, he can start with the Tennessee Republican party which dished all the slurs and smears about Obama being a Nation of Islam-loving anti-Semite, just today. And once he’s done talking to the people who will be running his Tennessee campaign, we’ll have a number of others he can talk to, like the head of his Ohio campaign, former Sen. Mike DeWine, who gave that Cunningham guy his marching orders.

Never mind that the man Obama calls his “spiritual adviser” has praised Louis Farrakhan’s perspective as “helpful and honest” — an issue he managed to dodge in the debate. Any concerns about Obama’s connections to Farrakhan are manufactured. And never mind that DeWine didn’t actually tell Cunningham to use Obama’s full name, as Marshall’s “marching orders” comment suggests.

No wonder Josh Marshall is the winner of journalism’s prestigious Polk award. He has perfected the critical art of false insinuation, and ignoring inconvenient facts.

No, Josh Marshall, John McCain is not playing the race card. But in The New Republic, Sean Wilentz argues that Obama is.

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