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Election Results: KS, LA, NE, & WA

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[Guest post by DRJ]

This post will cover today’s election results from Louisiana and Washington, as well as the GOP race in Kansas and the Democratic races in Nebraska and the Virgin Islands. All numbers will be from CNN unless stated otherwise. Projected winners will be shown in bold.

Kansas (100% reporting):

Huckabee – 11,627 – 60%
McCain – 4,587 – 24%
Paul – 2,182 – 11%
Romney – 653 – 3%

Louisiana (98% reporting):

Huckabee – 67,501 – 44%
McCain – 64,603 – 42%
Paul – 8,168 – 5%
Romney – 9,757 – 6%

Clinton – 133,206 – 36%
Obama – 210,346 – 57%

Nebraska (99% reporting):

Clinton – 12,396 – 32%
Obama – 25,986 – 68%

NOTE: Nebraska caucus sites were overwhelmed with voters.

Virgin Islands:

NOTE: Pajamas Media reports Obama carried the Virgin Islands with 90% of the vote.

Washington (78% reporting – Republican; 96% reporting – Democratic):

Huckabee – 2,822 – 24%
McCain – 3,017 – 26%
Paul – 2,509 – 21%
Romney – 1,905 – 16%

Clinton – 9,992 – 31%
Obama – 21,629 – 68%


12 Responses to “Election Results: KS, LA, NE, & WA”

  1. It looks like our presumptive nominee can’t even win a plurality vote after he presumably has the thing already wrapped up. Cept maybe Washington.

    If McCain does get the necessary delegates, is there a chance they could revolt at the convention?

    I got lots of questions about this whole process that I can’t seem to find answers for doing google searches and whatnot. Maybe there’s some lawyers who know about this stuff floating around here.

    j curtis (5d5cd7)

  2. In louisiana the candidate needs to get a majority. If Huck finishes with 49% all the Louisiana delegates go to the convention uncommitted. Bet he wishes he had treated Romney a bit better. Those 273 delegates would come in handy.

    Henry (65083d)

  3. Wow, Obama is totaling waxing the inevitable one.

    Perfect Sense (b6ec8c)

  4. I’m not sure how the Clintons will spin this. Unlike South Carolina, they can’t claim Nebraska and Washington voted based on race.

    DRJ (517d26)

  5. I’m through for the evening. If anyone has time, please feel free to update the Louisiana and Washington GOP races in the comments.

    DRJ (517d26)

  6. Obama wins where: a. There are many blacks, and whites have mostly fled to the Republican Party (example: Georgia, Louisiana), b. Caucus states where pressure to vote for the social-status marker Obama is high, and c. states with few blacks and Democrats are mostly upper-income whites, working/middle class whites fleeing to the Republicans.

    Notably, Obama got almost no Asian support in California (one of the few to break that out) and has not done well with Latinos. No surprises there.

    I would assume Nebraska and Washington fit in category b or c.

    Jim Rockford (e09923)

  7. Eastern Nebraska (read Omaha) has a large black population.

    M. Simon (53d0ec)

  8. So long as HRC enjoys 70% support among white voters, as she did tonight, she wins. The coming contests involve a smaller percentage of blacks in the voting populace.

    Of course, the Super delegates is where this will ultimately be decided. HRC knows where the skeletons are buried. No way does the DNC establishment allow BO to beat her if it gets to Denver a relatively even 1st ballot.

    Ed (4dc0fb)

  9. Paul’s strong showing in WA is rather perplexing. Must bee all those used to be liberals that now have their piece of the pie and sorta like the idea of keeping it?

    Overall it appears the Clinton witch got hers handed to her this weekend eh?

    Awe but her really dirty tricks are all yet to come!

    TC (1cf350)

  10. Paul’s performance in Washington is amazing.

    McCain’s inability to put an easy end to this thing is quite striking (and more than a little alarming.) Hillary’s got such a striking negative profile that I think she’s still beatable, but it may well be time to start preparing for President Obama.


    JRM (355c21)

  11. Eastern Nebraska (read Omaha) has a large black population.

    Not in populous Sarpy county and the other polling sites referenced in the World-Herald story. Prairie states are almost all white and all Obama.

    In a reliably conservative, nearly all-white county (KC suburb of Johnson County, KS), 60 showed up four years ago in an Olathe church. There were 2,000 last Tuesday, standing outside a light rain.

    steve (2fda4b)

  12. We’re in, guys. Hillary will lose the nomination and Sullivan will indict Obama. It’s going to be McCain vs. Gore.

    nk (315ffd)

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