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Al Martinez Starts Blog for Topics More Inane Than His Newspaper Columns

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L.A. Times columnist Al Martinez has decided to start a blog.

Regular readers will remember Martinez as the crotchety Andy Rooney wannabe who decried bloggers as people who “clutter cyberspace” with pointless musings on topics too “inane” to merit inclusion in a Real Newspaper.

As I noted then, Martinez habitually fills space in a Real Newspaper with dissertations on topics such as injuring his shin, buying puppies,* and the details of his health care insurance — including what his co-payment is, and what procedures are not covered. Among Martinez’s more recent efforts: a blow-by-blow account of his ongoing fights with his wife over crossword puzzles and Scrabble games.

What topics are so inane that even Al Martinez won’t write about them in the Real Newspaper? I’m scared to look, my friends. If you have more courage than I have, the link to his new blog is here.

But if you end up reading an essay about Martinez’s bunions, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

*Yes, I know: “what readers want are puppy dogs.”

4 Responses to “Al Martinez Starts Blog for Topics More Inane Than His Newspaper Columns”

  1. “The Littlest Martini.” A short martini that wanted to be a Mai Tai. I clicked out before the next sentence.

    nk (4ebdf4)

  2. I will trust Patterico…I will trust Patterico. This became my mantra when I “visited” his blog. What an ass and so full of arrogance.

    Sue (1d3e22)

  3. I avoided the martini and went down to the Statement of Intent. He claims that he can no longer write about anything other than California in the Real Paper so he will use the blog to talk about the “wonder and glory” of his trips overseas with his wife, as well as

    politics again, which became my trademark when I was in another section. War (I’ve been in one), world peace (which I doubt we’ll ever have), presidential campaigns (which I’ve covered) and the family dog will all be included

    Actually that sounds like what a good columnist would put into a Real Paper and not like what Patterico explains really goes into the L.A. Times.

    Sabba Hillel (b3a959)

  4. I’ll tell you what Al Martinez will be blogging –the same old anti-Bush rant and USA bashing that often found their way into his column before the Times moved it from Calendar to the California section. Expect a heavy dose of tales from his combat days in the Korean War. But the guy, now in his late 70s, is a brilliant writer, and I’ll still be checking out the blog, if for no other reason than to send my blood pressure a good upward workout.

    james fulton (56a0a8)

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