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Happy Birthday to My Dad

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My seven-year-old daughter Lauren asked today: “How old is Granddaddy today? 81?”

My wife replied: “He would have been 82 today.”

Lauren said: “He is 82 — in Heaven!”

Even though he’s gone, it is a tradition for me to wish him a Happy Birthday on this blog. So: Happy Birthday, Dad. I hope you still appreciate the tradition — in Heaven.

P.S. Another tradition is wearing his shamrock bow tie. But somehow, that seems to work only when you’re wearing a suit. (It just doesn’t work as well with shorts and a T-shirt.) So I bent the rules and wore it yesterday, instead of today. As always, it got a lot of comments.

We lifted a glass in your honor at Ye Olde King’s Head in Santa Monica tonight. If they don’t have one of those where you are, I’ll have to question whether it’s really Heaven . . .

P.P.S. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

18 Responses to “Happy Birthday to My Dad”

  1. May your father’s memory be eternal, Patterico.

    nk (8fe33c)

  2. I’m sure it will be.

    Dana (556f76)

  3. How old are you, Patterico?

    The Liberal Avenger (b8c7e2)

  4. Great LA! In a post that should have tugged at your heart strings, caused you to FEEL great respect and emotion toward a man who affectionately remembers his dad, you prove that some people just don’t get it. Here’s a hint: sometimes it’s not about you, it’s about how you treat others. Patterico has done a great thing in honoring his father and I pray he will be blessed for it.

    Ropeboy (671c64)

  5. I’m not busting on Patterico. I thought this was a nice post – something nice to do in honor of his father. I’m curious how old he is. He has volunteered the age of his father and we know he has a young child. Whee does that put Patterico?

    The Liberal Avenger (b8c7e2)

  6. Intending to “write” a piece “by Patterico” charging pedophilia, LA?

    Lurking Observer (bef1f0)

  7. LO…What is the matter with you? A simple rememberance post runs us to pedophilia? You have got to be kiddin’ me.
    Stop talking.

    paul from fl (967602)

  8. Nicely done tribute, Patterico, I’ll have a glass for him and yours tonight. I’m a fan of bow ties myself, as they don’t wander onto the drafting table or workbench or blow in the wind and have to be restrained by a paper clip. Probably not the best thing to wear to court, though, unless you’re the judge.

    htom (412a17)

  9. That’s really nice, Lurking Observer. I’m sure Patterico will be pleased with your comment.

    The Liberal Avenger (b8c7e2)

  10. I’m 38. Can we end this line of discussion now, please?

    Patterico (04465c)

  11. *I* found the comments directed towards me on this thread to be hurtful. I can only imagine how Patterico feels.

    The Liberal Avenger (b8c7e2)

  12. What I feel is that I want to end this line of discussion. Entirely. I thought I had said that.

    Anyone who wants to say anything they want about the *post* is welcome to do so. This is not a post for people to snipe at each other. If I see one more comment like that, I will just delete it.

    Patterico (04465c)

  13. Probably not the best thing to wear to court, though, unless you’re the judge.


    Well, I did wear it to court, and was prepared to do a trial (which did not go forward). Traditions are traditions.

    Patterico (04465c)

  14. Your father sounded like a real jewel of a guy. It’s nice to remember him on your bow tie days.

    DRJ (53e939)

  15. God Bless you.

    Rodney A Stanton (8056e8)

  16. Pattrick,
    My father died a couple of years ago.Something like this brings memories of him to me.Nice of you to hinor your “old man”

    corwin (d807be)

  17. Good for you! I bet your Dad is proud of you. I’ve been warned so many times about the “flaky” image they present — at least in some people’s opinion — that I am perhaps too eager to pass along the warning, especially to someone who rarely wears one.

    htom (412a17)

  18. Jeez.
    Honor your Dad.
    On St. Patty’s day. Or, any other time is cool.

    Otherwise, buzz off.

    Mine passed on a year ago last March 3rd.
    Another “greatest generation” P47 Thunderbolt pilot bit the dust.
    And, had a magnificent graveside flag-folding cermony,
    ending his service, complements of soldiers from Ft. Riley, KS.
    They traveled 300 miles one-way.

    Last Saturday, my friends and I hoisted a “Kilt Lifter” to him at Brian’s Irish Pub.
    And, he was Welsh.
    Not the only stop on our pub crawl.

    Dan Pursel (883ad4)

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