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“There Are Some Unverified Spokesmen Around, Including . . . ME??”

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So a press conference was held to announce that Jamil Hussein is not an employee of the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior.

The press conference was given by Brig. Gen. Abdul-Karim Khalaf, who is the spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior.

And whose name had been on a CENTCOM working blacklist of “unverified sources.” (The military has since verified his status; his inclusion on the working list was a mistake.)

If CENTCOM had the name of the official spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior on its working blacklist — and, as Allah points out, garbled his name in e-mails about the press conference — what does that say about the military’s claims regarding Jamil Hussein?

This does not inspire confidence.

11 Responses to ““There Are Some Unverified Spokesmen Around, Including . . . ME??””

  1. It inspires confidence that they’re doing a thorough check of every source cited by the AP. It may have been hasty to release that provisional list, though.

    See-Dubya (90e77e)

  2. “It’s dangerous when we allow questions of fact to become questions of power.”

    — algore

    Neville Chamberlain (80a4fa)

  3. BAGHDAD, Iraq –
    Iraq’s Interior Ministry said Thursday it had formed a special unit to monitor news coverage and vowed to take legal action against journalists who failed to correct stories the ministry deemed to be incorrect.

    They’re learning this democracy game quick.

    actus (10527e)

  4. It doesn’t say much about CENTCOM, but the fact is that the Iraqi Ministry of Information confirmed that Jamil Hussein is not an Iraqi official. The ball is now in AP’s court. Saying that they’re “standing by their story” isn’t good enough. They need to produce Jamil and demonstrate his bona fides or retract their story.

    Charles Bird (e643ec)

  5. Actually I think the ball is in Cencom’s court. They need to go to that police station and interview every Captain there. Ask for Jamil by name see if anyone replies. No Jamil…big problems for AP. If there is a Jamil…well Centcom will deserve all the criticism it gets. But at least the rest of us will know.

    corvan (0793a2)

  6. Where are the bodies? Where are the destroyed mosques?

    I hope in asking these questions, some well meaning person doesn’t go and burn up some fresh people and destroy some un-damaged mosques.

    Davod (5fdaa2)

  7. PS: I should have said:
    I hope that in “In response to these questions,” some well meaning person doesn’t go and burn up some fresh people and destroy some un-damaged mosques.

    Davod (5fdaa2)

  8. You expect a “working list” to get changed as the people named get their status verified.

    Releasing a working list is a bad idea, however, given the nature of the media.

    larry (feb78b)

  9. Via Malkin yesaterday – the spokesman for MOI checked out –

    8pm Eastern update. Allah has a question about the MOI spokesman. I asked MNF-I about Brig. Gen. Abdul Kareem Khalaf Al-Kenani last night and meant to post the response this morning. Here’s the response from Lt. Dean:

    We have verified him as legitimate. He is the official Minister of Interior spokesman through the CPATT. The list that includes him was a working list of spokespeople we are in the process of trying to verify that hadn’t been updated.

    LT Dean

    Michael B. Dean
    Lieutenant, U.S. Navy
    MNC-I Joint Operations Center
    Public Affairs Officer

    Enlightened (af3db1)

  10. Maybe Sherman should have said “War is unverified hell.”

    DRJ (0df497)

  11. Maybe Mr. Jamil Hussein and his buddies at the AP(Arab Propaganda) all went to the Columbia University School of journalism. They all seem ethics(less).

    jihad_for_what (18c246)

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