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Tased UCLA Student Whitewashes His Personal Profile

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That student who was tased at the UCLA library has changed his FaceBook profile, according to blogger BruinPied, who has screenshots. (Hat tip: California Conservative.)

Previously, — before the student hired Stephen Yagman to pursue a lawsuit — the student’s profile stated (under “Interests”):

i like to take simple problems and find the most difficult way to do them. i have a talent, what can I say.

This sounds like great fodder for cross-examination:

LAWYER: So you take a simple problem, like being asked to leave the library because you have no I.D. — and you find a difficult way to handle it, like refusing a direct order to leave, and falling limp to the floor. Is that about it?

STUDENT: Uh . . .


HERE’S YOUR [expletive deleted]ING PATRIOT ACT!!!!!

Might not come across too well, eh?

But now that he has hired the indicted Stephen Yagman, for the purpose of filing a federal civil rights lawsuit . . . the “Interests” section is gone. Poof.

The “About Me” section has also been changed. Before, the student said that, when he didn’t play soccer, he could become “a different person . . . like dr. jekyll and mr. hyde.” In the updated, post-Yagman version, all references to Jekyll and Hyde have been whitewashed out.

I think the UCLA attorney is going to be thankful for the technology of screenshots.

Iraqi TV

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We’re fighting a war in Iraq. Why can’t we get a cable channel or three here in the U.S., broadcasting (with subtitles) what Iraqis are seeing on TV?

Wouldn’t that give us a little insight into what’s going on there — or at least what the people are told is going on?

I’d watch it. Wouldn’t you?

Borat Movie

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We saw the Borat movie last night.

Although I was a fan of the Ali G. show, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the movie. I had heard mixed reviews, with some people saying it wasn’t as good as the shows.

I don’t think I ever laughed so hard in a movie in my life.

I don’t want to give anything away if you haven’t seen it. But if you liked the show, don’t be discouraged by the people who say the movie wasn’t great.

Great success!

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