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Clint Taylor on the Venezuelan Terrorist

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Did Clint Taylor’s call to the FBI result in the capture of a terrorist in Venezuela? I’m thinking maybe it did. Read his piece and make up your own mind.

The Kafkaesque Courthouse

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[posted by Justin Levine – not Patterico]

A true story of bureaucratic hell at a filing window located in a Southern California courthouse.

Beldar is Back, Baby!

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As a blogger, sometimes you wait for all the facts to come in.

But sometimes, you just gotta take the facts at your disposal and make a judgment.

I’m going the second route here. I’m shootin’ from the hip and makin’ the call, baby.

Beldar is back.

He. Is. Back!

It looked promising when he did his first post in several months. It looked even better when he followed it up with another.

But three posts? I’m officially declaring a resumption of blogging.

His latest post looks at the New York Times‘s loss in the Supreme Court on Monday. Remember when the paper warned terrorists that the government was about to freeze their assets? The government is investigating, and the New York Times tried to prevent the government from subpoenaing the Times‘s phone records. The Second Circuit told the paper to take a hike, and on Monday, the Supreme Court refused to postpone the effect of that ruling. Beldar says:

This decision was a battle won for the United States on the home front in the global war on terrorism. And it’s another fine example of how the mainstream media, led by the New York Times, is absolutely willing to let you be blown to bits by terrorists in order to protect your “right to know.”

Read it all, and rejoice in the Return of Beldar.

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