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Dahlia Lithwick Is Exactly Right

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You’re not going to see that title here often. But I completely agree with Lithwick’s argument that the Supreme Court should release same-day audio of the oral argument in every case it hears — not just in selected cases involving divisive, hot-button social issues.

6 Responses to “Dahlia Lithwick Is Exactly Right”

  1. It would make my uneducated but, listen to more than just political mummery, in the hopes of actually understanding how the most powerful, secretive and expansionist branch of government operates rather than appearing to be an uneducated (which I am) slavish (which I am not) drone (which I most definately am not) to a small handful of court-reporters who I gravitate towards mostly based on politics.

    I’m just saying.

    If their is one branch that should be 100% open in all ways, it’s the courts in the public hearings. Thats what “public” means.

    Wickedpinto (d099bd)

  2. It’s the end of the world as we know…and I feel fine.

    Seriously Patterico, first I had a minor heart attack. Second, I thought you’d been hacked. Third, even a broken clock* (that would be Lithwick) is right twice a day.

    *This applies to analog clocks, not digital ones. The proliferation of digital clocks being a reason that young people don’t get that cliche. “What’s he talking about? It’s never 88:88!”

    Hoystory (de9da0)

  3. – I guess if I was an “agendist”, a man with a plan, or a party segment with the same, I’d abhore the idea of an “open” judicial. How the hell would any “ambush legislation” ever get passed from the bench? Other than that, I’m jiggy wid it.

    Big Bang Hunter (9562fb)

  4. Allow me a nitpick. I agree with all of it except this comment:

    “It is doubly crazy that a body charged with looking out for the disenfranchised and the unpopular is making decisions about public access to its proceedings based on popularity and public opinion.”

    That’s a typically liberal view of the purpose of SCOTUS.

    SAZMD (09691f)

  5. Several U.S. courts of appeals make their oral argument tapes available over the internet the same day, and believe me, some of those cases are just BORRRRRRRRRING! But there they are.

    Attila (Pillage Idiot) (68fd1f)

  6. “Dahlia Lithwick is exactly right”

    Do not adjust your horizontal. Do not adjust your vertical. Ladies and gentlemen, you have just entered….THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

    Cassandra (c9069a)

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