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Seeking Recommendations on New York Accommodations

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Where is a good place for a family of four to stay in Manhattan? We would prefer mid-town West.

I also welcome any ideas on offbeat things to do, or can’t-miss restaurants.

And Now, The Rest of the Story . . .

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There is another side to Haditha, and Allah has the details.

In other news of alleged American atrocities, Allah also has the unraveling of the “Zarqawi was beaten” story — the same one defense attorney Jeralyn Merritt found so compelling despite the lack of, you know, evidence, because it was reported by the AP . . . and, hey! they’re “not the National Enquirer”!

My favorite bit from Allah’s post is this account of competing versions of the event from eyewitnesses an eyewitness:

Just to show you how hard truth is to come by in Iraq, compare this account of the “beating” in yesterday’s Times of London to today’s report in the New York Times.


Once the soldiers had established the man was not a threat, they started to kick him in the chest, said [Ali] Abbas and an Iraqi policeman also there. “They kept kicking him, shouting, ‘What’s your name?’, but the man only moaned and said nothing,” said Abbas.


Another person who identified himself as a witness to Mr. Zarqawi’s final moments, interviewed Sunday on Al Jazeera satellite network, made no mention of soldiers striking the man and suggested that American soldiers tore open his clothing in what appeared an effort to revive him.

“The Americans came afterward, they took him out of the ambulance, put him on the ground, and ripped his dishdasha,” the witness, Ali Abbas, said in the interview on Al Jazeera. “They were pressing on his chest, wanting him to speak or to respond, and they brought a bottle of water but he didn’t take it.”

Heh. Someone oughtta introduce those guys to each other.

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