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Site Glitches

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I am aware that there have been problems with commenting and viewing the site today. The problems are no doubt due to the combination of embedding YouTube videos, together with unusually high traffic from an Instapundit link.

The folks at Hosting Matters have not yet replied to an e-mail I sent them. I am also trying to get in touch with someone who has helped me with tech issues in the past, also with no luck (so far).

In the meantime, even if you get an error message, your comment may nevertheless have been posted. Check the site before posting again.

Anyone with experience in such matters is invited to help me out. I’d probably be willing to throw a couple of bucks your way to get this resolved.

UPDATE: A fix is in the works.

Zarqawi Dead — No, Really!

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Zarqawi is dead. I know, I know: you’ve heard it a million times before. But this time it’s for real.

UPDATE: Let’s anticipate the fringe-left responses:

  • But what about Osama-bin-Forgotten?
  • Funny that this happens right when Haditha is a big story. I question the timing.

Add your own.

The Video Doesn’t Lie . . . Right??

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This is quite amazing.

I have uploaded a video to YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Don’t watch it unless you can handle watching someone get shot. (Don’t worry: it happens at a distance and isn’t gory.)

It is a video of police shooting a suspect they have been chasing. On the video, you see no evidence that the suspect had a firearm. The suspect’s back is clearly turned to the police when they fire multiple shots at him, eventually felling him. It’s stunning to see.

Click on the play button at the bottom left of the video screen below, and watch it now.

Riots have started over less than this.

Sure, the police claim that the suspect was armed. And they claim that he pointed a gun at police, twice.

But you just watched the video clip. It is clearly inconsistent with all of these police claims.

My question is: if the police were put on trial for this shooting, can you imagine any possible defense that could overcome this video?

I trust that your answer is: “Hell, no!”

Simply put, the video doesn’t lie.

. . . or does it? Click on “more” for the rest of the story (or just scroll down).


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