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A Trip to an Uncrowded Beach — in L.A.

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I took my son down to the beach at the foot of the cliffs below the Trump Golf Course today. It’s a rocky beach — rather inhospitable for swimming. No matter; it was a warm summer day, and I counted only about 20 people on the beach.

And you wonder why I want to keep it that way.

Juan Cole Won’t Be Going to Yale

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Power Line reports that Juan Cole will not be going to Yale.

Our friend and Yale alumnus Clint Taylor explains that, while the history department had approved Cole to join the faculty, its vote was overruled by the Senior Appointments Committee, which usually rubber-stamps the history department vote.


Armed Liberal will be terribly broken up over this, I’m sure.

Canadian Terror Ring Busted

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Allah woke up late, but he’s still all over the story of the Canadian jihadis arrested with three times the amount of explosives that Timothy McVeigh used to level the Murrah building.

Allah also has the best roundup of links about the London terror raid, here.

UPDATE: More on the significance of all this here.

Random Conversation with My Three-Year-Old Son Matthew, 1

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The neighbors recently cut down a tree in their back yard.

Matthew: What happened to the tree?

Me: It’s gone. Gone like the wind.

Matthew: But the wind is not gone.

The boy’s got a point.

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