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Angry Clam: To War

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Word is that Sandra Day O’Connor (the Justice, not the Maryland District Attorney) has retired this morning. The news is coming from the Heritage Foundation, purportedly from Justice Thomas’ wife, who’s a high level employee there. [See UPDATE in extended entry. It’s official.]

Now is when we get to see if W, as is his habit, decides to screw conservatives- this is his chance to actually move the Court rightward, and he had better fucking take it.


Another Episode in the Saga of Those Experienced Times Editors

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From the L.A. Times corrections this morning comes this gem:

Older prisoners — A Los Angeles Times Magazine article Sunday about the increasing number of elderly prisoners in California prisons incorrectly stated that former Gov. Gray Davis said that murderers would leave prison during his term only “in a pine box.” Although others have characterized his policy in this way, Davis did not actually make this remark. In addition, the article incorrectly stated that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger “is on exactly the same page” as Davis when it comes to releasing murderers. The governor, in fact, has granted parole to 84 convicted murderers whose sentences made them eligible for release, whereas Davis allowed five to be paroled. Also, the article incorrectly referred to the location of the California Institution for Women. It is in Chino, not Corona.

Yes, and it’s quite odd that the freelance writer doesn’t know that, since the article strongly implies that she actually visited the prison. Did she not know where she was? The two towns are a good 14 miles apart; then again, they do both start with “c.”

And you have to be amazed that this writer was unaware of Schwarzenegger’s radical change in parole policy. It’s not like that was a secret. What exactly qualified this person to write an article about California corrections policy, if she wasn’t even aware of that??

I didn’t read this article the first time out, but I took a look at it after seeing this correction. Guess what? They didn’t catch all the errors yet. How about this:

The state’s 1994 three-strikes law mandates life sentences without parole for certain repeat felons, and these recidivists—42,240 second- and third-strikers as of June 2002—will inevitably grow old and die in prison.

Not so. The Three Strikes Law does not mandate life without parole for anyone. The statute provides a minimum term that must be served by someone convicted of a third strike before they are eligible for parole; that term is usually 25 years. To get life without the possibility of parole in this state, you must be convicted of murder with at least one special circumstance. [UPDATE 7-7-05: Actually, this is not true. There is an obscure repeat offender statute (not the Three Strikes Law) that is almost never used any more, which provides for life without the possibility of parole without a murder conviction. This doesn’t change the fact that The Times got it wrong.]

I’m not sure where David Shaw’s four experienced Times editors were for this article. But it sure is looking like another letter to the Readers’ Representative . . .

Reinhardt Will Give Villaraigosa Oath of Office

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Kevin Roderick reports that noted liberal Ninth Circuit judge Stephen Reinhardt will administer the oath of office to Antonio Villaraigosa today.

Patterico has obtained an exclusive preview of the text of the oath. Apparently, Villaraigosa will be required to agree to commute the sentences of any murderers sentenced to death in L.A. County. He will also be required to swear his fealty to the principles of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Dafydd ab Hugh: Guest Blogging at Captain’s Quarters

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Dafydd ab Hugh, a Patterico favorite and a recent guest blogger at this site, is now guest blogging at powerhouse site Captain’s Quarters. His first post is here. Go check it out.

I can only assume that Dafydd will soon be informing Captain Ed’s readers that everyone who reads Captain’s Quarters should also be reading Patterico daily . . .

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