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Hugh Hewitt says the wires are reporting that the nominee will be John Roberts.

Good choice.

UPDATE at 5:48 p.m.: I blogged the above at a stoplight based on what I heard on the radio.

I’m home now, and it looks like everyone is reporting this, so it looks about as close to official as you can get before the actual announcement. Which will be soon.

UPDATE at 6:02 p.m.: Bush has Roberts by his side. I’d say it’s official.

Let the dishonest attacks begin.

We’re ready.

The Boy Wizard Returns — And So Does Greg Packer

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The ubiquitous Greg Packer makes yet another media appearance today. The clueless publication this time around is The Epoch Times, which mentions Packer in an article titled The Boy Wizard Returns, about the release of the new Harry Potter book:

The book buyers, mostly adults, were largely local fans, like Greg Packer of Long Island, 41, who admitted he had not yet read all the previous editions.

Gee, then, why is he standing in a line of 1500 people to buy the book?

Weintraub on the Bear Flag League

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Dan Weintraub, who was the keynote speaker at our recent Bear Flag League Conference, has a nice column today about the League.

Let’s Hope This is True

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[Posted by The Angry Clam]

Word is that the White House is assuring conservatives that Gonzales is not in the running for O’Connor’s seat on the Supreme Court.

Next, we need to make sure he stays off the table for Rehnquist’s seat and any additional vacancies (Stevens, Ginsburg).

Word also is that Bush is leaning towards one of the two Ediths- Jones or Clement. I think this is unfortunate, not for any jurisprudential reasons, but because both are over 55. As Rehnquist and Stevens have shown us, every year counts.

Priscilla Owen, however, is 51…

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