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“Sassy” Journalist Turns Out To Be Member of Radical Islamist Group — What Will the L.A. Times Say?

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Remember the guy who drew a connection between young British Muslims’ “sassy” opinions and the 7/7 terror bombings? He has been fired from the Guardian, which says:

Trainee journalist Dilpazier Aslam had his contract with the Guardian terminated today.

The move followed an internal inquiry into Aslam’s membership of the political organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir.

A statement said: “The Guardian now believes continuing membership of the organisation to be incompatible with his continued employment by the company.”

“Mr Aslam was asked to resign his membership but has chosen not to. The Guardian respects his right to make that decision but has regretfully concluded that it had no option but to terminate Mr Aslam’s contract with the company.”

The inquiry followed a piece written by Aslam for the Guardian’s comment pages entitled “We rock the boat”.

The statement added: “The Guardian accepts that it should have explicitly mentioned Mr Aslam’s membership of Hizb ut-Tahrir at the end of his comment piece.”

A correction will appear in the paper’s Corrections and Clarifications column.

(Via Michelle Malkin.)

Recall that the L.A. Times recently reprinted the same piece, but edited out the sentence about “sassy” opinions. Like the Guardian, the L.A. Times did not mention Aslam’s membership in Hizb ut-Tahrir — which the Heritage Foundation describes as a “clandestine, cadre-operated, radical Islamist political organization” whose “proclaimed goal is jihad against America.” Instead, The Times described Aslam simply as “a journalist-in-training at the Guardian in London, where this essay first appeared.”

Martin Stabe asks whether the L.A. Times is going to tell its readers that Aslam has been fired. I have a different question: are they going to tell their readers about Aslam’s membership in Hizb ut-Tahrir? The Guardian thinks it’s important for readers to know; what about the L.A. Times?

The L.A. Times‘s Readers’ Representative can be reached at I’ll let interested readers write her; I have sent her too many e-mails lately as it is.

As always, if you’re going to write her, please be polite.

The Next Time an Arrogant Mainstream Media Type Bloviates About How Our Society Has Gotten Too Superficial, Show Them This

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A Washington Post critique of what John Roberts’s children wore to the announcement of his nomination, titled An Image A Little Too Carefully Coordinated.

Condolences to Xrlq

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Condolences to Xrlq and his family on the tragic death of his father-in-law.


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Does anyone know the law regarding why the differences between the two versions of Proposition 77 can’t simply be fixed by the A.G., to represent what the voters signed?

I have read the court’s opinion, which may well be right but which is hardly impressive in its reasoning or expression. It doesn’t explain this issue and I’m wondering if anyone out there knows the answer.

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