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Wherein Rich Hall Temporarily Takes Over the Patterico Blog

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Sniglet of the Day:

1. Describing the state of disbelief upon hearing a national politician talk about bombing Mecca: “I heard that moron and I was absolutely tancredulous.”

P.S. What is Rich Hall doing nowadays anyway?

P.P.S. A commenter provides the answer: being a jerk.

Captain Ed Fills In As LAT-Basher

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I am not a person of limitless energy. Sometimes, like now, I am in trial. I open the paper and read yet another front-page piece of garbage in the L.A. Times about the Joe Wilson/Karl Rove nothing of a story. I see that the editors have published yet another phony portrayal of “Joe Wilson as hero” that assiduously omits the facts that have caused many of us to understand that Joe Wilson is a lying sack.

At such times I have two choices: 1) put the project on the back burner; or 2) hope someone else covers it.

Thanks to Captain’s Quarters — run by Captain Ed Morrissey, who is a person of limitless energy — for allowing me to select option #2 without guilt. Ed has done yeoman’s work on this story from the beginning, and today’s takedown of the L.A. Times is no exception.

UPDATE: If anybody has covered the story more thoroughly than Ed, it’s Tom Maguire, who has his own takedown of LAT efforts to portray Bush’s statements about the controversy as contradictory.

UPDATE x2: Gay Patriot has more.

Readers’ Representative Responds Regarding the “White Men” White-Out

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The L.A. Times‘s Readers’ Representative has responded regarding that white-out of the word “white” from the phrase “white men” in an article about Bush’s search for a Supreme Court nominee. Bottom line: she claims that it wasn’t a mistake — but has no answer yet on why it did happen.


Weekend Posts

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Plenty of L.A. Times-bashing this weekend. If you’re not a weekend reader of this site, here’s your guide to the posts you missed:

The Times airbrushed an error out of the online version of one of their articles without acknowledging the mistake. (The Readers’ Representative says it’s probably a difference in versions, but acknowledges that if any version was in error, a correction should have issued. They’re looking into it.)

The Times also had some interesting editing of a piece by a radical Islamist explaining why we shouldn’t have been surprised by the London terror bombings. The author thought that the bombings had something to do with young Muslims’ “sassy” opinions — not that you’d know that if you read the piece in The Times.

I also suggested that The Times tell us just a leetle bit more about Stephen Reinhardt when he votes to overturn a death penalty — like the fact that he always does.

Finally, I rapped the paper’s knuckles for printing a letter to the editor containing a false (or at least highly disingenuous) assertion.

Also, the Bear Flag League Conference was this weekend. Much fun was had by all.

United Sucks

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Saturday night, Mrs. P. and the kids (who had been visiting Mrs. P’s family in Kentucky) flew back into town via United. The connection in Chicago was tight, and the first leg was late. Their bags didn’t make the connection, so the airline agreed to deliver the bags to our house. We were told they would come by 6 p.m. last night. Mrs. P. told the agent at the airport that it was okay to leave them at our door, and that we didn’t need to be called when they came.

Last night at 2:00 in the morning, the bags were delivered by a guy who repeatedly pounded on our front door and called several times. (We don’t keep a phone downstairs.) Our daughter woke up crying.

Oh, and on a 4 1/2 hour flight, you get: snack mix, and more snack mix.

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