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Ted Rall: Still a Liar

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Remember what Ted Rall said when he issued his challenge to right-wingers:

So here’s my challenge: Please email your worst, most vicious examples of liberal/leftie blogger vitriol (with links, natch), and I’ll post ’em right here. If they exist, obviously.

(Emphasis mine.)

He didn’t say: “I’ll post one representative e-mail and then allude to the rest.” He said: “I’ll post ’em right here.”

Now he’s going back on his pledge.


Celebrity Sighting at the Magic Castle

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Mrs. P and I went to the Magic Castle last night with Mrs. P’s brother, his friend, and our friend Justin Levine, contributor to Calblog. We had a great time, as we always do at the Magic Castle. My favorite magician was a guy named Lou Serrano who worked the close-up room. It was amazing what this guy could do.

Near the end of the night, Justin said he had seen a guy in the audience who was a famous pundit. Justin described him as a moderate Republican who writes for The Times. On staff? I asked. No, Justin said; he’s syndicated. I had no idea who he was talking about.

Justin described the guy: reddish hair, glasses, pale. Didn’t ring a bell with me, and Justin couldn’t place the name. Justin said he’d point him out if he saw him.

Five minutes later, the guy came down the stairs, and I recognized him instantly. But, like Justin, I couldn’t come up with the guy’s name.

Under normal circumstances, we would have been wracking our brains the rest of the night for the guy’s name. But I had my Treo on hand. I knew the guy appears on a Fox News show about the media. I was having major Brain Glitch and couldn’t remember the name of the show either, but I did remember it’s hosted by a guy named Eric Burns.

Treo and Google to the rescue. Two quick searches gave us the name of the show (Fox News Watch) and the name of the pundit: Jim Pinkerton.

By the way, that guy is (as the kids say nowadays) hella tall. Mrs. P’s brother’s friend is 6′ 4″, and Pinkerton dwarfed him. He has to be close to 6′ 10″.

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