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The Patterico Music Project: The Lyrics to “Wrong Side of the Road”

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Yesterday I debuted a song written by me in the early 1990s, and recently re-recorded by Steve Bertrand of the great rock group The Tories. In case you haven’t heard the song, here it is. It’s under three minutes, very upbeat, and Bertrand’s production values are absolutely wonderful.

Below are the lyrics to that song. It’s a silly but fun song about the dangers of going against the grain. I don’t recommend reading them on their own. Instead, you should hit the play button, listen to the song, and read the lyrics as you listen to Steve belt them out.


Headed down the road
Double yellow line on my right
There’s cars swervin round me
And the drivers’ expressions are
Such a funny sight

On the wrong side of the road
I don’t want to take it slower
On the wrong side of the road
I’m hopin I don’t get pulled over
I never knew just how much fun it was
On the wrong side of the road.

Well I’m feelin all romantic
Like a salmon swimmin up stream
And I’m driving ‘gainst the grayness
Towards the pure white light of someone’s
Headlight beams

On the wrong side of the road
There’s no need to pretend
On the wrong side of the road
Knowin that your life might end
This is the way to go
Wrong side of the road

Nobody is pretending not to stare
They all know that I’m crazy
Everybody is pretending not to care
Could it be they’re too lazy
Or that they’re not pretending?

I’m a bit iconoclastic
And I’m cuttin off constraining chains
And I’ll show a thing or two
To the people who said that I
Ain’t got no brains

On the wrong side of the road
I’m going against the grain
On the wrong side of the road
I’m going through the window pane
I always told the truth
But I ended up lying
On the wrong side of the road

There are some serious metaphors and similes in there, but it’s all lighthearted and in good fun. Bonus points for those who identify some of the double meanings in the lyrics. They’re kind of obvious but it’s still fun to get you looking for them.

Tomorrow I’ll let you hear the original recording I made around 1991. It’s, um, not as good as Steve’s. I’ll expound a little bit more on the merits of Steve’s production in tomorrow’s post, by way of contrast to mine.

6 Responses to “The Patterico Music Project: The Lyrics to “Wrong Side of the Road””

  1. I like it.

    creeper (97cf90)

  2. Five hours and no one else has said a thing. They’re missing a good tune.

    This one’s got a nice beat and lyrics that connect. As a plus, there’s some real music in here.

    creeper (97cf90)

  3. Love it!

    Penny (d98da2)

  4. I love it. Great lyrics, beat, and I like his voice. Plus the comedy/tragedy/irony is cool. It’s like listening to a song while watching one of those “Russian collision videos” on YouTube.

    Rev. Hoagie ™ (734193)

  5. As they used to say on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, it has a good beat and you can dance to it. But it’s the lyrics that resonate with me. They remind me of my college years when I didn’t do drugs because I worried about getting in legal trouble and jeopardizing my law career. It made me feel out-of-step with my peers, like I was going the wrong way. It’s starting to remind me of this primary for the same reason.

    DRJ (15874d)

  6. The disorienting part comes from the clash of culture and traditional values. I pick values.

    DRJ (15874d)

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