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Kevin Drum: Trump’s Taco Bowl Tweet Is “Genius”

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Kevin Drum joins the “Trump is a secret genius” train:

This is not an awkward and embarrassing outreach to Hispanics. It’s not aimed at Hispanics at all. It’s aimed at white people. This is the kind of thing that Trump’s base—the white working class—views as a perfectly sincere appreciation of Mexican culture. It says, “Yes, I want a wall, and yes, I want to deport all the illegal immigrants in the country. But that doesn’t mean I hate Mexicans.” It’s basically an affirmation to Trump’s voters that they aren’t racists.

Plus it gets a ton of attention, and it also induces loads of mockery from overeducated PC liberals who don’t understand a compliment when they see one. It’s really a genius tweet.

Does everyone understand now? Trump is playing this game at a higher level than most of his critics.

Here is the “genius” tweet again:

It’s 3-D chess!

A couple of months from now, I’m guessing, Trump will be touting the National Enquirer‘s latest scoop about Hillary Clinton’s dad having gay sex with Rafael Cruz before providing Oswald the Carcano rifle used to kill JFK. Will Kevin Drum will be joining Scott Adams in telling us that is a “linguistic kill shot”?

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