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Larry Correia, on Facebook:

Well, we’re boned. It’s going to be huckster fraud democrat against lying criminal democrat.

Half the GOP hates the jackass. Question now is what percentage of us stay home or make a 3rd party protest vote. All those crossover democrats who voted for that orange half wit in the primaries will go back to voting democrat in the general election. He thinks young Bernie voters are going to vote for him? Fool.

I’ve voted republican in every election of my adult life. I’ve volunteered and donated money. I can’t in good conscience vote for this vile populist demagogue. If even a few percentage points of the GOP feels the same way, that’s it. He’s toast in the general.

So he energizes the democrats, so they’ll feel like they are fighting tyranny (now comes the great part where all the fawning media coverage turns on him) and he demotivates the republican base.

All the kid glove BS from this season is over. Every vile nasty stupid thing he has ever done will be covered 24/7. By November he will be the most laughed at and despised candidate in history. Because he makes it too easy.

So the classless boor probably loses to the sea hag. Not that it matters too much, since they’d both govern as authoritarian democrats, only one has more nationalist rah rah thrown in.

Spare me the nonsense about lesser evils and SCOTUS judges. He won’t make it that far. And by some miracle, like Hillary has a stroke, this rambling ignoramus wins, he would still screw that up somehow in his one term. Big question is does he suck enough to take the GOP with him?

And if you think he is going to actually build a wall, you are a sucker.

Did I love Cruz? No. Because I was hiring an employee, not a god. He was the least likely to rape the Constitution. Instead we get an authoritarian, who is either lying, or made it to 70 before understanding basic American principles about liberty.

You ignorant low information bastards. Motivated by fear and anger, you overlooked every gain made over the last few cycles, and traded it in to a lying huckster democrat for some magic beans. So you could stick it to the establishment, by electing the shit bird who funded them.

Edit to add, don’t bother posting to argue. We are past that. Now we batten down the hatches and get ready for the suck. If you want to gloat, you are an idiot who doesn’t realize what you have wrought. If you feel disrespected, good. You should.

Yup. Bold type by me, to emphasize my very favorite parts. Although really, it’s all my favorite part.

Thanks to Simon Jester.


All That Can Be Done Now

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[guest post by JVW]

Well, now that the GOP race seems to have come to a predictable end, there is very little purpose to prolonging the agony, save for whatever satisfaction is to be derived from casting a vote for your favored candidate, as our host honorably plans to do. But for me it seems that the only remaining fun in being a conservative who has not yet been heard from this year is to attempt to cause some mischief in the other party’s primary, but pointed mischief with a very important purpose.

I’m casting my vote in the California Primary for Senator Bernard Sanders. He’s an economic ignoramus with a political platform that sounds like it was hashed out at a summer camp for earnest but nerdy red-diaper teenagers back in 1964, but I think he is heads-and-shoulders above Hillary Clinton. Why? Because Sanders is such a special kind of silly that I hardly see him leading the socialist revolution that he promises. In fact, a win by him would presumably lead to the same sort of bloodletting that has currently befallen the GOP as the social-climbing lifestyle-liberal millionaires that the Clinton Machine has made so essential to the party’s success suddenly find themselves on the outs. A Sanders Presidency would likely beget a paralyzed Congress, which would almost certainly bode well for the GOP’s fortunes in the 2018 elections when Sanders (like Obama before him) finds it’s really hard to get your low-information acolytes to the polls when your name is not at the top of the ballot. With the ongoing failure of ObamaCare and the continuing sluggishness in the economy, the prospect of a giant tax increase and ridiculous new spending program diminishes, and the young millennials who have turned the weird Vermont Senator into a messiah will be smacked hard in the mouth by the reality of their misguided and childish policies.

A Hillary Clinton Presidency, on the other hand, would be simply disastrous. Instead of the True Believers, she would bring in the typical Washington fixers so beloved by her sleazy husband and her ownself. They might just muddle along at a minimal level of competency long enough to extend their nefarious tentacles deeper and deeper into the Federal Bureaucracy. And Hillary Clinton will probably replace Antonin Scalia with a nasty young social justice warrior steeped in the most aggressive form of identity politics. Sanders might absentmindedly appoint Peter Yarrow to the Supreme Court and invite Goodwin Liu to sing in the East Room.

So it’s Sanders for me. I just changed my party affiliation from Republican to No-Party [sic] Preference, which allows me to vote a Democrat ballot in the California Primary next month, but will hopefully keep me off of any Democrat mailing lists. I’ll sadly mark my ballot for the Senator from Brooklyn Vermont, and I’ll lament that I never even had a shot at seeing any of my top five candidates (Walker, Fiorina, Cruz, Rubio, Perry) make it this far. If you live in a state which has not yet voted, here is how you can take part:

It appears that the deadline to register for the May 10 primary has already passed. Dems caucused in Nebraska back in March and apportioned their delegates (15 for Sanders, 10 for Clinton), so I’m not sure why there is even a Dem ballot next Tuesday.

The West Virginia primary is May 10, but their deadline to register or change party was April 19. Sorry, West Virginia voters, you are out of luck.

Kentucky votes on May 17, but the deadline for changing party registration was December 31 of last year. They don’t mess around there.

The Beaver State also has their primary on May 17. Oregon allows voters to register up until 8:00 pm on the day of the election. Would it surprise anyone that Oregon is kind of loosey-goosey about voter registration? The Secretary of State’s website makes a point of telling people that you can’t change your party affiliation at the last minute and expect to vote in your new party’s primary, but they don’t seem to provide a hard deadline anywhere. The most they seem willing to tell you is that a change of party application should process within a couple of days of submission, so if you are changing your Oregon party affiliation I suggest you print out whatever receipt or other proof you have and bring it with you on primary day.

In California, the Democrats allow voters registered with the status of No-Party Preference to vote in their primary. Thankfully, you can leave the Republican Party to vote among the Democrats without actually having to join the Democrats. If you are already registered, to change your party affiliation to “No-Party Preference” go to this statewide page and then navigate to your county page. Be sure to select the “No, I do not want to disclose a political party preference” option. The whole process took me less than five minutes.

Chris Christie’s state requires a change of party request to be submitted 55 days before the primary election. With a June 7 primary, that means the deadline passed sometime last month.

The good news in Big Sky Country is that voters do not register with a political party and can therefore request any party primary ballot that they wish. But you Montanans only have a few more days to register to vote if you are not already on the rolls, as the deadline is 30 days before the June 7 primary.

The Land of Enchantment sets a deadline to register to vote or change party affiliation 28 days before the primary election, so backtracking from June 7 leads us to May 10, one week from today.

When you do a Google search on “North Dakota primary change party affiliation” the top result is this site maintained by the Bernie Bros. So, what the hell, I’ll run with it. To quote the site directly: “There is no voter registration in North Dakota: Just show up!” OK, dudes.

You can vote under the watchful eyes of our ex-Presidents gazing down from Mount Rushmore by going to the Secretary of State’s website at least 15 days prior to the June 7 primary and submitting a form, no matter if you are a first-time voter or changing your party affiliation.

So there you have it. Making the best of a horrible situation. Let Operation Chaos II commence, but this time it isn’t just about prolonging the Democrat primary, it is about stopping an ethically-berefit paranoid shrewish harpy from exploiting her rancid combination of grievance-laden entitlement and narcissistic self-pity to further expose this country to her family’s unique and toxic blend of duplicity and plunder.


Goodbye, Republican Party

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As of today, I no longer consider myself a Republican.

I’ve had these feelings before, but today it’s official. Republicans are now “them” and not “us” to me. I’ll stay registered as a Republican at least through the primary to vote for Ted Cruz in California, even though it’s now clear it will be a futile gesture.

I will still support and vote for Republicans, but only Republicans who demonstrate that they will adhere to limited government, constitutional principles. No longer will I vote a straight party-line ticket.

I am not a “NeverTrump” guy because that implies support for Hillary Clinton, and I cannot support Hillary Clinton. But I cannot support Donald Trump, a leftist con man with an “R” after his name. At this point, I am a disinterested observer. I believe Donald Trump would be better for the Supreme Court, because he doesn’t care about the Court and might pick someone good if his advisers tell him to. I believe Hillary Clinton would be better on almost everything else — because I believe the GOP would fight her more than they would fight Trump. I can’t choose between “the Court” and “everything else.” So I’m just someone who doesn’t care about the presidential race any more.

William Brennan was not a good Supreme Court justice because he was appointed by a Republican. Affirmative action is not a good policy because it has been pushed by many Republicans. And continuing entitlement programs, growing federal interference in health care, imposing disastrous tariffs, and other Trump-style policies are not good policies even if they are pushed by a “Republican.”

So do not expect me to “unify” or to jump on board because HILLARY MUST BE BEATEN!!!1! If you can’t deal with that, the time to stop reading is now.

If you believe in limited government, constitutional principles, and liberty, stick with me. There are others like us. We’ll figure out what to do next. It won’t be supporting Donald Trump, but it will be supporting our natural rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I am watching Ted Cruz right now and I am proud of him and the campaign he has conducted. He made mistakes, but he has been a forceful and effective advocate for liberty and the Constitution. He still has my respect and support, as do folks like Mike Lee and Justin Amash.

Such people are the only hope for this nation.

UPDATE: The CNN crawl says Cruz is dropping out. It’s over.

UPDATE x2: It’s official. He just said he is “suspending” his campaign.

Indiana Open Thread

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By tonight, it may be crystal clear that Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.

Then I can go back to not caring about electoral politics.

The Patterico Music Project: The Original Version of “Wrong Side of the Road”

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Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for dreading: the original version of my song “Wrong Side of the Road.” Today is a great day to publish this, since everyone will be focused on the election and will skip this primitive and embarrassing version:

There is a side benefit that comes from hearing my 1991 version. Namely, it gives you a chance to hear how much better the professional version by Steve Bertrand is:

My version was done on a TASCAM cassette recorder, with a crappy acoustic guitar, a crappy electric guitar, and my crappy voice (probably about vocal 6 tracks in all, consisting of three vocal lines all double-tracked because I lacked reverb). And I can’t even keep a consistent tempo, for goodness’ sake!

Whereas, Steve Bertrand’s version? He tells me this about the production you just listened to immediately above:

There’s drums, bass, tambourine, 2 acoustics, 2 rhythm guitars, 2 solo guitar lines, piano, B3 organ and about 12 tracks of vocals.

Now that’s a good production.

Isn’t it just amazing how he took something like that first track above, and turned it into the fun, toe-tapping, listenable pop song you hear in the second track?

This couldn’t possibly be any more fun.

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