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Fast and Furious Gun Seized in Connection with Conspiracy to Kill Mexican Police Chief

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Just a reminder that it’s not only U.S. officials who are targeted by those bearing Fast and Furious weapons:

A weapon tied to “Operation Fast and Furious” was seized in Tijuana in connection with a drug cartel’s conspiracy to kill the police chief of Tijuana, Baja California, who later became the Juárez police chief, according to a U.S. government report.

The firearm was found Feb. 25, 2010, during an arrest of a criminal cell associated with Teodoro “El Teo” García Simental and Raydel “El Muletas” López Uriarte, allies of the Sinaloa cartel.

Tijuana police said they arrested four suspects in March 2010 in connection with a failed attempt to take out Julián Leyzaola, and that the suspects allegedly confessed to conspiring to assassinate the police chief on orders from Tijuana cartel leaders.

I can’t see why any of this is a problem for Barack Obama, can you?

12 Responses to “Fast and Furious Gun Seized in Connection with Conspiracy to Kill Mexican Police Chief”

  1. This will inspire…silence from the media. After all, they have a crazy white killer to talk about.

    Patricia (e1d89d)

  2. That was a George W Bush weapon, Attorney General Eric Holder said in a morning press briefing.

    Stan (103775)

  3. Just another attempt by Progressives at expanding democracy in the Americas in the manner that works best for them – Kill the opposition!

    AD-RtR/OS! (b8ab92)

  4. Fast & Furious government destabilization project a problem for Obama? Not so much.

    Sheesh! Where do you think the media priorities are?


    in_awe (7c859a)

  5. Move along, nothing to see here.

    htom (412a17)

  6. So, a year before US Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, was murdered, DEA provided information to ATF sufficient for the arrest of Fast-n-Furious’s prime targets. The FBI was also in possession of the same information.

    Yet, Operation Fast-n-Furious continues to be defined as a botched investigation designed to identify Mexican drug lords and cartel gun runners.

    Nothing could be further from the truth and anyone with the ability to tie their own shoes can figure it out. It’s no secret who the leaders of the Mexican drug cartels are, as every law enforcement officer within 100 miles of either side of the Rio Grande knows full well. Moreover, both the FBI and the DEA already knew who the cartel’s gun runners were and identified them to the ATF in December of 2009, two months before the plot on Leyzola’s life and a year before Brian Terry’s murder.

    The botched investigation fiction is a cover-story designed to conceal an underlying black-op, which was approved by Barack Obama and includes high level co-conspiritors Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, and Janet Neapolitano.

    ropelight (931efb)

  7. Jay Carney knows 4 people named Teodoro “El Teo” García Simental, and 6 people named Raydel “El Muletas” López Uriarte, but he swears that NONE of them ever conspired to commit murder.

    Icy (11919f)

  8. KBNX, NPR’s Boise State Public Radio station, published the following update on the Obama Administration’s efforts to cover up the details of Fast-n-Furious. Only this time they’re using taxpayer money to buy the silence of an important whistleblower. The article is by Carrie Johnson, August 7, 2012.

    Fast And Furious Whistle-blower Reaches Agreement Over Retaliation Claims

    “Peter Forcelli, an ATF agent who blew the whistle on management lapses in the gun trafficking scandal known as Fast and Furious, has reached an agreement with the bureau over his retaliation claims.

    A lawyer for Forcelli declined to disclose the terms of the settlement because it was the product of a confidential mediation process.

    “We can’t reveal the details but Mr. Forcelli’s smile could not be broader,” lawyer Tom Devine, of the Government Accountability Project, told NPR in an interview. “This outcome was a 180 degree reversal by new management… This dispute is over.”

    Forcelli appeared in Congress in June 2011 to blast his supervisors and the U.S. attorney in Arizona for failing to oversee a law enforcement operation that lost track of as many as 2,000 guns along the Southwest border.

    “What we have here is actually a colossal failure in leadership from within ATF, within the chain of command involved in this case, within the United States attorney’s office and within DOJ as to the individuals who were aware of this strategy,” Forcelli testified.

    Forcelli said he never understood the strategy behind the ATF operation. To watch guns walk across the Southwest border, he said, was a recipe for disaster.

    “We weren’t giving guns to people who were hunting bear. We were giving guns to people who were killing other humans,” he said.

    That testimony resulted in what his lawyer called “non stop witch hunts and character assassination” by prosecutors in Arizona and a few ATF officials. “The situation became intolerable,” Devine said. Ultimately, Forcelli moved to work in Washington headquarters.

    Devine says he continues to represent another ATF whistleblower, Larry Alt, whose case is currently in mediation in front of the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, which protects federal employees from reprisal for whistleblowing. The OSC’s leader, Carolyn Lerner, said the Forcelli case is “a testament to the ability of mediation to resolve complex cases.”

    ropelight (1ecb0c)

  9. Is there a complete list of every gun type, serial number, caliber, etc. walked in fast and furious publicly available and if not, why not?

    dunce (15d7dc)

  10. No, only those who are now actively concealing evidence of widespread Obama Administration responsibility for the illegal multi-state gunrunning operation have access to the records necessary to compile such a list.

    A detailed list of the weapons involved would indicate the close coordination of FBI, DOJ, DHS, ATF, ICE, and the State Department. And, it would put Barack Obama in the cross-hairs.

    ropelight (9d3afc)

  11. I can’t see why any of this is a problem for Barack Obama, can you?

    With the US media utterly in the tank for him, no, it’s not of any concern at all.

    Reid’s bogus tax claims against Romney??

    Now THAT is NEWS !!

    Smock Puppet, Like... Duh? (8e2a3d)

  12. Bob Lesmeister at The Gun Mag has an article dated 8/9/12 where he interviews Mike Downie, fully accredited law enforcement officer and former undercover operative for both ATF and US Customs.

    Downie was involved in several special undercover operations involving gun running and is well familiar with the legal restrictions and reporting requirements associated with how such operations are monitored and controled.

    Federal Agent says Approvals are SOP for Operations that Break Laws

    …It is to the government’s advantage to retaliate against (whistle blower, John) Dodson because it keeps the attention away from the individuals who actually kept Fast and Furious running even after the guns were known to have been used in multiple killings. Says Downie, “I’m sure that’s why they don’t want those papers to come out because somebody had to sign off on… It is obvious now that ATF’s operation lacked both monitoring and supervision of any kind. “Once one of these operations is approved, you are monitored hourly as to what you’re doing,” explains Downie.

    “Ultimately, the way they should have been monitoring Fast and Furious, the Assistant US Attorney in charge of the project would have been listening to and making transcripts of every tape on every contact made. That would include telephone and personal meetings and, whatever else has to be taped. Nowadays, that would also include copies of e-mails, Internet sites, tweets, etc. It’s this lack of tapes that doesn’t make sense…. With Fast and Furious, there should be thousands of tapes, e-mails, tweets and website tracks.” It has been suggested by some in the responsible media and among law abiding gunowners that Fast and Furious was not about stopping illegal weapon trafficking or putting a stop to drug cartel violence, but that it was an effort to discredit the entire firearms industry and the public it serves. A high death toll as a result of ATF covertly supplied “illegal” weapons is a perfect public relations ploy to enact a slew of gun control measures on a duped public.

    “The rules at all of the agencies have always been the same, never worry about money,” reveals Downie, “Let all the money in the world walk. Money doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a commodity. You don’t let drugs walk and you don’t let weapons walk. With the FBI, and to some degree Customs, if there ever was a threat of anyone getting hurt, you could literally get a whole operation shut down. You know ATF had to have heard of the hundreds of Hispanics being murdered. After two or three died as a result of Fast and Furious, they should have shut the operation down. But they let it run.

    That’s why I have to believe, knowing what I know about the other side, they let it ride as an excuse to re-write the Gun Control Act of ’68.” Downie explains, “All of these Group 1 operations are run the same way and there had to be an undercover committee somewhere and sitting on that undercover committee would be somebody from the US State Department because they were crossing the US border. You would have had Department of Justice there, ICE, Homeland Security, and you would probably have had some FBI involvement.

    The Arms Export Control Act is still in place. There should have been some military personnel sitting in on the undercover committee, too. They broke every rule that was written about special ops.” The Arms Export Control Act (AECA) of 1976 gives the President the authority to control the import and export of defense weapons. It requires governments that receive weapons from the US to use them for legitimate selfdefense.

    The Act also places certain restrictions on American arms traders and manufacturers. When the President is aware of the possibility of violations of the AECA, the law requires a report to Congress on the potential violations. Obama not only ignored his responsibility to have a report sent to Congress, his invocation of Executive Privilege puts him in direct violation of the AECA.

    There had to be reports, there had to be formation of an undercover committee to clear Operation Fast and Furious and somebody would have had to have written a very detailed ops plan to be submitted to the committee. Holder’s contention that he was not briefed on Fast and Furious and had no inkling of a Group 1 committee defies credibility.

    It is quite conceivable that the final approval for Fast and Furious may have gone as high as the Oval Office.

    “I’m surprised that the Border Patrol isn’t making more noise since it was one of their own that was killed,” says Downie. But then again, that’s what we’re all asking.

    ropelight (b6f378)

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