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Democrats Reverse Course, Set to Accept Burris

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The AP and CBS report Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats met today with Roland Burris and have apparently dropped their opposition to his appointment as Illinois Senator. Both reports indicate Burris will be seated if the Illinois Secretary of State certifies his appointment. The AP also reported “the majority leader said there almost certainly would be a full Senate vote on it.”

This is “an abrupt reversal from a day earlier when Democratic leaders would not allow [Burris] to speak to reporters inside the Capitol.” In other words, the Senate held out about as long as NBC’s rumored one-day ban of Ann Coulter.

Too bad Obama didn’t take my suggestion that he “take a pass, saying it’s a political issue that he will leave to the courts and the people of Illinois.” Here’s what he said instead:

“Roland Burris is a good man and a fine public servant,” said Obama, “but the Senate Democrats made it clear weeks ago that they cannot accept an appointment made by a governor who is accused of selling this very Senate seat. I agree with their decision, and it is extremely disappointing that Gov. Blagojevich has chosen to ignore it. I believe the best resolution would be for the governor to resign his office and allow a lawful and appropriate process of succession to take place. While Gov. Blagojevich is entitled to his day in court, the people of Illinois are entitled to a functioning government and major decisions free of taint and controversy.

I’m sure Obama will find a way to walk back from his previous statement and the media won’t push him on it. That’s a shame, but principles don’t last long in Washington.


25 Responses to “Democrats Reverse Course, Set to Accept Burris”

  1. Harry received two gifts:
    Someone close to him explained the First Rule of Holes to him;
    and they pried open his eyelids so that he could see that he was in one.

    AD (64c542)

  2. So Harry has decided, even after he declared his outright criminal intent publicly, that to cover his stupid tail, he’s going to offer a “full senate vote” “on the matter”.
    I guess the vote should be:
    Harry Reid is a lying, unconstitutional con-artist that just got slapped down for an illegal power grab ploy, and the rule of law is still bigger than Harry the criminal’s britches.

    vote: Aye

    Do the demcorats realize that they have been engaging in public crime breaking antics with the Senate seat, much like, and even worse than their excuse for it. Blagogevich ?
    I don’t suppose the blind moron democrats even realize that, or perhaps they have concluded the public is so insane already after decades of anything goes emote argument brainwashing, that noone realizes the law is place for a reason, and public accusations don’t suddenly allow dozens or hundreds of other officals to break the law left and write, in the accusations wake ?
    In this case, perhaps the democrats can just fail in all their special session baboon minutes, then just not do their duty as the law demands, anyway, and stomp their feet and cross their arms and say no then stick out their pouty lower lip.
    It certainly has convinced me they are all criminals, that think they can do whatever they feel like, no matter what the rules and the law are, I’ll tell you that much. From Reid to J White to Madigan to Emil to Obama to Quinn.
    Quinn even had the gaul to publicly state Blago should take the orders of Obama and do his will – the guy who QUIT his Senate job…after he abused it to shreds running for prez.
    How does that work Quinn, the quitter gets to tell the legal entity what to do – and all you democrat turds get to shirk the law and demand the accused give up his elective RIGHT that all of you were too chicken to change in the law, even after the fact ?
    Quinn and company, please step into the prison cells you belong in right now.

    SportPolitics (f38773)

  3. He doesn’t have to walk back from his statement, because he didn’t say anything. What did they mean by cannot accept? They didn’t mean that they would block the appointment, because they don’t have the power to do so.

    All it meant was that they were strongly opposed to it.

    Amphi[polis (fdbc48)

  4. Crazy crazy CRAZY, baby.

    Jugmaster Flash is one hell of a cat. Wait till Mr. Rod writes his story.

    Vermont Neighbor (058354)

  5. Principles in Washington are like snow. They last only as long as there is no heat.

    Once a Democrat pulls out the Victim card, unless you have a higher ranking Victim card yourself (cf. Anita Hill), you have to surrender if you’re a Dem.

    Kevin Murphy (805c5b)

  6. And they still have the power to block the appointment by claiming that any action of the Governor is tainted. They don’t have to show Burris is tainted — someone else could have bribed Blago for him.

    Kevin Murphy (805c5b)

  7. Watching this debacle has been more entertaining that watching Blazing Saddles for the 1000th time.

    JD (457b76)

  8. KM – you think they’re going to reverse all the other actions of Blago after the foibled Fitz panatic announcement, – or do they get to just choose the one action they don’t like from the sitting Governor ?
    I guess you’re saying they just get to say so, based upon some public spew, known as “taint” or “suspicion” or “an appearance of ethical issues”.
    How does that work exactly, when it wasn’t apllied to Clinton, and we see has not been applied to Bush, depsite all the endless accusations ?
    Is the media spew now judge, jury, and illegal actions by elected Congresscritters now our new rule of law ?
    I think you meant they’ell try it, even though you don’t agree with it, but I’m not sure.

    SportPolitics (f38773)

  9. Racist!

    Eric Blair (3e2520)

  10. Good one, Eric. I was about to pre-emptively denounce myself.

    JD (457b76)

  11. What this shows is that Blago is smarter than all of them, including B Hussein Obama. Maybe he should send Blago to negotiate with Ahmadinejihad. The little twerp would find his prayer beads missing after a half hour with Blago.

    Chicago Rules: “Don’t get mad; get even.”

    Mike K (f89cb3)

  12. I’ll be one of the first to admit, Dems dropped the ball on this one :(

    Oiram (983921)

  13. Let me get this straight. SportPolitics is either a new liberal who doesn’t realize we have historical understandings and logic or an old liberal who is trolling.

    I can’t decide.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  14. Juggy doesn’t need to “walk back” on anything to protect his principles, since it’s blindingly apparent to any rational observer that he poseses none, at least in the traditional sense of moral precepts.

    redc1c4 (27fd3e)

  15. I tried to use Google’s Language Tools to decipher one of SportPolitics’ posts above. No luck – nada. It ain’t English nor anything else. Maybe he’s posting from Gaza.

    Jose from Florida (8b43bd)

  16. Why is a pro-life Mormon from Nevada the most powerful Democrat in the country?

    Sarlberid (b989f8)

  17. Did Sporty miss the allegations that Blago was trying to sell this Senate seat, or is he/she just incapable of figuring that might put the appointment in a different category than some of Blago’s other official acts? Given that Bush and Clinton were thrown in (and neither was arrested on federal corruption charges), I’m guessing the latter.

    Karl (33b0ee)

  18. I didn’t realize one of the trifecta of Ried, Obama, Pelosi was Nevadan. Perhaps I’m mistaken.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  19. Sarlberid asks:

    Why is a pro-life Mormon from Nevada the most powerful Democrat in the country?

    Because Obama hasn’t been inaugurated yet.

    And because he is “just someone the Caucus has selected and they feel comfortable with.”

    Karl (33b0ee)

  20. “Why is a pro-life Mormon from Nevada the most powerful Democrat in the country?”

    Sarlberid – Why are you asking us what you crazy fuckers do? Isn’t Hairy Reed’s approval rating at home lower than Bush’s?

    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

  21. The only people in the country who have approval ratings lower than Harry Reid are SanFranNan, David Petranos, MKDP, Mr. Ed, OJ Simpson, and Manson.

    JD (457b76)

  22. Kevin @ #6: and that’s exactly what they should do. There’s no good reason to believe that Blagojevich wasn’t bribed. The Senate should hold out on the issue until either a new Governor appoints a replacement or the Supreme Court tells them they can’t block the nomination.

    aphrael (e0cdc9)

  23. Did Sporty miss the allegations that Blago was trying to sell this Senate seat, or is he/she just incapable of figuring that might put the appointment in a different category than some of Blago’s other official acts?

    If the Illinois legislature felt that strongly enough, they would have tossed the question to the electorate and they declined to do that. That is what should have happened. Failing that, Blago actually did the right thing here, and he’s going to win this round. Legally, there is no difference between this appointment and anything else Blago does as the sitting governor. They throw him out, or they deal with him because he doesn’t seem to be quitting.

    Pablo (99243e)

  24. Why is a pro-life Mormon from Nevada the most powerful Democrat in the country?

    — 1) That’s “pro-life” with an asterisk. 2) Harry Reid and “powerful” are polar opposite terms. 3) I mean, like YEAH! What the hell do they think they’re doing, exercising equality with someone that belongs to such a freak religion? That’s like liberal to the Nth degree. Talk about overcompensation! 4) Same deal with where he comes from. My God, he might as well be from Alaska for chrissakes!!!

    Icy Texan (b7d162)

  25. I’m watching athe local NBC5 newscast and the story is about Patti Blagojevich and her work at the Christian Industrial League. It’s going bankrupt, and Patti Blago is in charge of raising money. Surprisingly, Friends of Daley Michael Markesey and William Salini, the latter indicted in the pay-to-play scam, paid $13 million to move the charity out of greektown and into lawndale. Oh, and they are putting up hi-rise condos on the lot that was freed up by the move.

    The charity never had the money to move. Daley’s friends said ‘don’t worry about it – we’ll get you da money’ These are the same developers who built Washington Square mall on a prime parcel of city real estate purchased for … $1.

    Oh, and Fred Laebed, Roland Burris’ business partner, is on the board of the charity that gave Patty Blagojevich her $100,000 fund-raising job. But he says he had nothing to do with her hire. That would be unethical.

    It’s a good thing that Chicago politics are going to Washington DC. Sunlight, disinfectant, etc.

    On a completely unrelated note, when I type “Blagojevich” into firefox in Windows vista, I get the little red ‘misspelled word’ line. When I right-click, it suggests “archipelago.” I’m thinking gulag.

    carlitos (34f76e)

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