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More Media Manipulation by Hezbollah

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Via Instapundit comes more proof that Hezbollah is manipulating the media. Watch in horror as a dead child’s body is dragged back out of an ambulance so that the photographers can get better shots.

If you think the Reuters controversy is about a single picture with a little too much smoke, you just aren’t getting it. It’s about media coverage of a war being manipulated by propagandists.

UPDATE: Here is a girl who fell off a swing being portrayed as a victim of Israeli violence.

2 Responses to “More Media Manipulation by Hezbollah”

  1. … in the media.

    That Hezbollah is manipulating the flow of information is, from their point of view, hardly unexpected.

    That Reuters and the other mainstream media would do it is hardly unexpected.

    Chris from Victoria, BC (9824e6)

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