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It Could Never Happen — Oh, With That One Minor Exception

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Cori Dauber asks:

Okay, maybe everyone else figured this out months or years ago and I just missed it, but you know how everyone takes for granted that Syria and Iran are working hand and glove in the current crisis?

What does that do to the argument that a secular Ba’athist regime could never work with those motivated by “fundamentalist” Islam?

Just askin’.

Never say “everyone” — but otherwise, it’s a good point.

7 Responses to “It Could Never Happen — Oh, With That One Minor Exception”

  1. Yeah, that is a good point. Of course it was always an extremely stupid mantra that took hold in the MSM that the Baathists in Iraq were “secular” and would never colloborate with Islamic Fascists.

    LoafingOaf (71415b)

  2. The 1993 bombing still has odd non-interactions.

    Al (2e2489)

  3. “Some of our best recruits are former communists” Heinrich Himmler

    Alan Kellogg (81721c)

  4. Well, sure. Apart from the mostly Shiite Caliphate Dreamin’, they have a stake in trying to restore the miserable statue quo ante to the region.

    Dan Collins (208fbe)

  5. It simply goes back to the old aphorism, an enemy of my enemy is my friend. They’ll work togther on us, then go back to hating each other once they accomplished their goals. Remember Germany and Russia in 1939?

    Dale (d5fa46)

  6. I’ve made the same point when it’s claimed that el Qaeda and Hezbollah are theological rivals and could not collaborate, something that is historically untrue. Never underestimate how the logic of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” can motivate alliances.

    Sarge6 (23a266)

  7. Of course it was always an extremely stupid mantra that took hold in the MSM

    Of course it was as history always begins anew with liberals.
    To wit:
    Clinton DOJ, 1998:

    [Sunni] Al Qaeda also forged alliances with the National Islamic Front in the Sudan and with the government of [Shiite] Iran and its associated terrorist group [Shiite] Hezballah for the purpose of working together against their perceived common enemies in the West, particularly the United States.

    The Ace (8d7f7b)

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