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A Local Race with National Implications

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In a race seen as a harbinger of national sentiment regarding assaultive, race-baiting morons, Cynthia McKinney has lost.

7 Responses to “A Local Race with National Implications”

  1. We’ve beaten her before, and she just keeps coming back…

    Small consolation tonight.

    See Dubya (675bc2)

  2. Man she’s a piece of work isn’t she?

    Dwilkers (a1687a)

  3. Thanks to a plea for such from Armed Liberal at Winds of Change, I donated to Johnson’s campaign; I’m glad to see him have won. :)

    aphrael (3bacf3)

  4. she isn’t coming back after this. her district will still be represented by a black democrat, just one with a little more dignity who doesn’t physically assault the police and then play the sex and race cards. i’ve had enough sexual and racial victimology for one lifetime, thank you.

    assistant devil's advocate (8aa383)

  5. “assistant devil’s advocate,” you love ‘victim politics.’
    “Victim politics” is what animates your anger at tax cuts, as well as your desire to see Israel destroyed.

    All the ‘victim politics’ probably reminds you (and your aliases) of when the jocks used to bully you in high school, and in a Freudian way, it thus reaffirms your notion that your politics are justified.

    We’re your online family—you don’t have to lie to us.

    Desert Rat (d8da01)

  6. To quote Wonkette’s blog concerning Cynthia’s singing: “While editing the clip, we were surprisingly moved.”

    I have to say I was surprisingly moved by her singing also. Well, to be absolutely correct . . . it was my bowel that felt movement.

    Matt (a4418f)

  7. “We’ve beaten her before, and she just keeps coming back…

    Small consolation tonight. ”

    Ahh c’mon. That’s what makes whack-a-mole so much fun to play!

    She was a disgrace to her office. I’m one democrat that’s glad to see her gone.

    C Student (0e9b6d)

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