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Consider Yourselves Warned: Nothing Has Changed

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[guest post by Dana]

Think: the next presidential election…

Before Trump spoke at a rally in Iowa, a local pastor told the audience what Trump would be focused on if he were to win the presidency in 2024:

“This election is part of a spiritual battle. There are demonic forces at play. But judgment is coming. When Trump becomes the 47th president, there will be retribution against all those who have promoted evil in this country.”

We’ve heard Trump discuss retribution on any number of occasions. The ‘evil’ he will target include those he is convinced have betrayed him or those who have simply done their jobs. (See: prosecutors, judges, members of the media, his critics, and anyone else who has been part of the never-ending so called witch hunt.)

This week, former speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy warned that Trump needs to stop talking about retribution:

“What President Trump needs to do in this campaign, it needs to be about rebuilding, restoring, renewing America. It can’t be about revenge,” McCarthy said during an interview with CBS’ Robert Costa that aired Sunday.

“He’s talking about retribution, day in, day out,” Costa pointed out.

“He needs to stop that,” McCarthy responded, adding later that he expects Trump “adapt” when he “gets all the facts.”

(Haha. Trump adapt…)

I’ll keep this brief. Far too many in the evangelical church continue to be enthralled with Trump. Pastors charged with the teaching and leading of their flocks into a meaningful relationship with Christ, reveal themselves to be wholly unequipped (and unwilling) to do the job. Instead, they mislead followers by replacing the one and only real Jesus, who sits at the right hand of God, with the lumpy feet of clay “Orange Jesus”. One speaks truth, the other has never met a truth he didn’t reject and a fib he didn’t try to make money off of.

Additionally, Kevin McCarthy is completely deluded if he actually thinks Trump will “adapt” to anything. We’re not newbies at this. We all know, including McCarthy, that Trump adapts to no one, if he can help it. Of course the reality is that McCarthy continues to play politics and demonstrates that he will say anything to advance himself and promote his leader. (See: “Oath and Honor” by Liz Cheney.)

And to no one’s surprise (I hope!), Trump will forever be Trump: A whiny, self-indulgent swindling narcissist who is the biggest (self-proclaimed) victim who has ever walked the earth. On his lumpy feet of clay.


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