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Consider Yourselves Warned: Nothing Has Changed

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[guest post by Dana]

Think: the next presidential election…

Before Trump spoke at a rally in Iowa, a local pastor told the audience what Trump would be focused on if he were to win the presidency in 2024:

“This election is part of a spiritual battle. There are demonic forces at play. But judgment is coming. When Trump becomes the 47th president, there will be retribution against all those who have promoted evil in this country.”

We’ve heard Trump discuss retribution on any number of occasions. The ‘evil’ he will target include those he is convinced have betrayed him or those who have simply done their jobs. (See: prosecutors, judges, members of the media, his critics, and anyone else who has been part of the never-ending so called witch hunt.)

This week, former speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy warned that Trump needs to stop talking about retribution:

“What President Trump needs to do in this campaign, it needs to be about rebuilding, restoring, renewing America. It can’t be about revenge,” McCarthy said during an interview with CBS’ Robert Costa that aired Sunday.

“He’s talking about retribution, day in, day out,” Costa pointed out.

“He needs to stop that,” McCarthy responded, adding later that he expects Trump “adapt” when he “gets all the facts.”

(Haha. Trump adapt…)

I’ll keep this brief. Far too many in the evangelical church continue to be enthralled with Trump. Pastors charged with the teaching and leading of their flocks into a meaningful relationship with Christ, reveal themselves to be wholly unequipped (and unwilling) to do the job. Instead, they mislead followers by replacing the one and only real Jesus, who sits at the right hand of God, with the lumpy feet of clay “Orange Jesus”. One speaks truth, the other has never met a truth he didn’t reject and a fib he didn’t try to make money off of.

Additionally, Kevin McCarthy is completely deluded if he actually thinks Trump will “adapt” to anything. We’re not newbies at this. We all know, including McCarthy, that Trump adapts to no one, if he can help it. Of course the reality is that McCarthy continues to play politics and demonstrates that he will say anything to advance himself and promote his leader. (See: “Oath and Honor” by Liz Cheney.)

And to no one’s surprise (I hope!), Trump will forever be Trump: A whiny, self-indulgent swindling narcissist who is the biggest (self-proclaimed) victim who has ever walked the earth. On his lumpy feet of clay.


24 Responses to “Consider Yourselves Warned: Nothing Has Changed”

  1. Hello.

    Dana (932d71)

  2. Hi Dana!

    I suspect the same market forces are at play in the evangelical churches as in Fox News, talk radio, and Breitbart News, etc.

    If one wants more churchgoers, viewers, listeners, and readers, then hop on the Trump Train. Conservatives against Trump are a much smaller group, and there just isn’t much money to be had there.

    Wasn’t this phenomenon why Patterico left RedState?

    Cults can be religious or political. In this case they are fusing.

    norcal (909c7b)

  3. I heard about Trump adapting and becoming more presidential the first time around. The reverse occurred. He has all the facts, he just lies about them.

    Nic (896fdf)

  4. Whats wrong with retribution? We on the left practice it when and where we can. Thats why the corporate deep state helps the clinton/biden wing of the party control the left so we can’t dish out retribution for the time being!

    asset (c1a849)

  5. “Christian nationalism” is a contradiction in terms. What did Jesus say to Pilate? “My kingdom is not of this world.” Too many in the 2000+ years since have ignored that, and evangelicals who attempt to establish a political kingdom with their orange Messiah at its head are just another example.

    Roger (ded668)

  6. Trump’s policies were far better and still are far better than Biden. We were better off under Trump than we are now


    NJRob (bd6253)

  7. I agree with norcal: there are forces that are playing to our worst selves….and it’s been monetized.

    The voice of the Church seems quite small to me these days. Pick your denomination or flavor, it really is the polar opposite of a revival. In the marketplace of ideas, concepts like service to others, sacrifice, and turning the other cheek get a great big “meh”.

    At its heart, religion should be about making us better people: less self absorbed, less mean, less tribal, less fixated on our current tribulations, less drawn to the profane, and more focused on virtue. It doesn’t seem to be having that effect.

    In general, social media tends to operate in the opposite direction. “What would Jesus post” isn’t a thing. Donald Trump is also the embodiment of the opposite — we know he’s not virtuous, we just don’t care. Oh it’s rationalized. Evangelicals can proudly list policy gains, though I wonder at what cost?

    Religious people should care about role models, telling the truth, humility, generosity, and bringing people together. They should not be supporting Trump in the GOP primary.

    AJ_Liberty (d031c1)

  8. When I see Trump-supporting so-called “Christian Evangelicals”, I remember that Satanists use upside down crucifixes in their Black Masses.

    Satanists have no compunction taking God’s Name in vain, blaspheming, perverting Scripture, and desecrating sacred symbols.

    No, I do not see these people as any kind of Christian.

    nk (1ab1f5)

  9. That “local pastor” is a member of Cult Orange Jesus, so he’s right, it is a spiritual battle, for following a false prophet.

    Paul Montagu (d52d7d)

  10. Wasn’t this phenomenon why Patterico left RedState?

    He was kicked out of RedState, like I was. Dissenters were ex-communicated.

    Paul Montagu (d52d7d)

  11. There is a movement within evangelicalism called “Dominion theology.” Sometimes you also hear it called the “7 mountain mandate,” and it dovetails with the Christian Nationalism you hear about. Another term you hear for the movement is “New Apostolic Reformation.” All this stuff is bundled up together and related.

    Basically they think that Christians need to take over every aspect of culture and society and of course this includes government. They want theocracy and theonomy.

    And they love them some Trump. Trump is God’s chosen vessel to restore not only America, but God’s Kingdom on Earth.

    There are certain figures and particular churches at the fore of this. Sean Feucht is a big player (musician and worship leader). he is a leader at Bethel. Bethel is a huge megachurch in Redding CA. They’re kind of taking over the town. They have some weird beliefs. But again, by and large, they love Trump and they want to take over government. (Also from what I’ve experienced they are extremely kind and decent people — these aren’t monsters).

    Anyway. Though they are kind and decent, it is still a dangerous movement in a lot of ways. They conflate the movement of God and the Holy Spirit and whatever it is Trump says and does.

    They conflate Jesus and Trump basically.

    JRH (14e837)

  12. Trump’s policies were far better and still are far better than Biden. We were better off under Trump than we are now


    NJRob (bd6253) — 12/14/2023 @ 5:18 am

    What do you think of his policy of denying election results?

    On election night in 2012, when President Barack Obama was reelected, Trump said that the election was a “total sham” and a “travesty,” while also making the claim that the United States is “not a democracy” after Obama secured his victory.

    Trump even wrote on Twitter, “We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided!”

    There was no truth to the claims that Obama’s election victory against Sen. Mitt Romney was a “sham” and the democratic process played out in 2012 as it is doing now and has with every election, as the votes are tabulated and certified by states and local officials.

    Trump also previously called for the American people, presumably those who didn’t vote for Obama, to “fight like hell and stop this great and disgusting injustice,” because “the world is laughing at us.”

    Trump first challenged the election results in 2012, continued to do so in 2016 and has now done it again in 2020.

    When he ran to become the Republican Party nominee in 2016, he attempted to cast doubt on the election process. Trump said he did not lose the Iowa caucuses in 2016 to then candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, because he “stole it.”

    “Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he stole it. That is why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. Bad!” Trump wrote on Twitter at the time.

    He also wrote, “Based on the fraud committed by Senator Ted Cruz during the Iowa Caucus, either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified.”

    Denying election results is the biggest policy of them all. Bad policies can be corrected in future elections, but not if elections results are denied.

    I think our Republic is damaged by this lies this big.

    norcal (a5a076)

  13. Trump does not have policies. He has peeves.

    Are they his own genuinely felt peeves? I doubt it. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, what would he have to be peevish about?

    No, wanting more than what his daddy left him in his trust fund, he went out and found people with real peeves and made them his own. The peeves and the people.

    nk (5427e4)

  14. Trump does adapt to some people, notably North Korea’s Kim and “Czar” Putin.

    I can’t think of anything stranger said by any president, than Trump saying that Kim and he “fell in love”. Now that’s an adaption!

    Trump is attracted to power, especially if it is inherited. So that odd nation of North Korea, a Communist monarchy, is perfect for him.

    Jim Miller (10b722)

  15. Trump is attracted to power. Name me a Presidential candidate who has not been?
    Trump has huge flaws. So huge that he doesn’t even try to hide them and instead wears them proudly up front.
    In that twisted sense, we can say he is the most honest, consistent candidate about who he is and how he is going to behave – which would be badly. Predictably.

    James Comey gave Trump the biggest gift you could ever bequeath to him. Comey gloated about treating Donald Trump- duly elected Donald Trump- without the same deference he would have given Ms. Clinton. which means he gave zero deference to the electorate. Zero
    A substantial portion of the people who elected Trump did so because they felt Clinton was a venal, lying, deceitful, vindictive snake who would punish them for their values and beliefs.
    So even though Comey never specifically said “I would not have treated the newly elected Ms. Clinton the same way I treated Donald Trump” it is not grossly unfair at all to understand Comey’s statement that way given the context.
    Trey Gowdy is no Trump shill, but he has said repeatedly that he has seen documents and evidence that duly elected Donald Trump was not treat fairly (equitably) by Comey’s DOJ from day one. Move in first day with dubious and cloudy probable cause and then try to shore it all up later gave Trump the factual ammunition to say “the deep State [DOJ] is out to get me.” The Democrats floated impeachemnt day one and now? Its a thing now because MGT went tit for tat. Great work there.
    What an enormous gift that was to a guy like Trump- They really were out to get him from day one and said so.
    You can see it play out again today in NYC over his real estate dealings. Name the harmed party. Umm, the State? Has anyone else been prosecuted like this for the same issues? Ummm, we need to draw the line here? OK. Line drawn at Trump. Again. Seems like you don’t like Trump, which is fair, but is the law enforcement behavior fair and equitable? Comey said it wasn’t and additionally he is proud that it was not. Day one Comey decided to get Trump. I get it, but that is not how we want to do law enforcement in the US- there are clear mobsters in NYC, we know they are mobsters and we still take 10 years to build a solid case. Trump? Lets jump start this Beotch, LeRoy Jenkins!1. Bad decisions like this have consequences and when the D of consequences arrives unlubed as predicted, don’t say who knew. The frustrating thing is that the people who are getting buggered here aren’t the Comey’s and Trump’s of this nation. why should the electorate have to lube up for all of 2024? Comey made a stupid stupid stupid short sighted decision in 2021 made millions of it, washed his hands and is worshipped like a God. f that guy

    steveg (97abdc)

  16. @12

    Denying election results is the biggest policy of them all.

    Disagree. Spoiled sport losers complain about losing. History is littered, namely: Al Gore and Stacy Abrams.

    Bad policies can be corrected in future elections, but not if elections results are denied.

    As I said, losers routinely complain about elections results.

    Bad policies, however are hard to correct.

    See Obamacare.

    I think our Republic is damaged by this lies this big.

    norcal (a5a076) — 12/14/2023 @ 2:00 pm

    Maybe. But, it’s normal in our politics.

    whembly (5f7596)

  17. But, here’s a solution:

    Vote for DeSantis!

    Much, much better than Trump.

    Infinitely better than Biden.

    And better yet! He’s GenX! 😀

    whembly (5f7596)

  18. If it’s not a body double, recently sane John Fetterman might merit a look and his “Thomas Eagleton” issues out of the wayand in full view. He’s got a lot of the DSA types in full panic.

    urbanleftbehind (b9b431)

  19. Denying election results is the biggest policy of them all.

    Denying election results and fraudulently trying to change them is the biggest policy of them all.

    FIFY. Something Al Gore and Stacey Adams never did.

    Rip Murdock (dc18a3)

  20. Rip Murdock (dc18a3) — 12/15/2023 @ 10:00 am

    Something Al Gore and Stacey Adams never did.

    What Al Gore tried to do was selectively try to correct errors.

    Another problem was that people made mistakes on the ballot.

    1) In Palm Beach County some people voted for Pat Buchanan, mostly by mistake.

    2) In Jacksonville, some people listened to a Dem campaign that told them to vote on every page. There were two pages of presidential candidates so they voted for two candidates for president, rendering them invalid.

    3) Some people both voted for AL Gore as awrite-in and where his name was lsted,

    Sammy Finkelman (1d215a)

  21. John Fetterman is from Pennsylvania. The balance of power is somewhat different there. And he never was brain dead.

    Sammy Finkelman (1d215a)

  22. All of which is irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

    Rip Murdock (3526bb)

  23. Rip Murdock (3526bb) — 12/15/2023 @ 11:58 am

    Referring to Sammy Finkelman @ 11:23 am.

    Rip Murdock (3526bb)

  24. Denying election results and fraudulently trying to change them is the biggest policy of them all.

    FIFY. Something Al Gore and Stacey Adams never did.

    Rip Murdock (dc18a3) — 12/15/2023 @ 10:00 am

    Excellent point.

    It saddens me that my sister thinks the 2020 election was “rigged”.

    norcal (300848)

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