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Why Is Anyone Surprised At The Vicious Brutality Of Hamas? (Update Added)

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[guest post by Dana]

I’ve been reading quite a few comments on social media from people who disbelieve reports that Hamas killed Israeli babies, and even decapitated any number of them during the brutal surprise attack. As such, the doubters want to see photographic proof of such a grotesquerie. With clenched fists, they demand, Show us the bodies now!

What’s telling about their attempts to ignore and deny the unveiled evil is the fact that, if the mission of Hamas is to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth, then why *wouldn’t* the next generation of Jews be one of their primary targets? And if you are part of a death cult, what could represent life more than a small baby, new to the world and filled with the promise and hope that all babies are imbued with? If the death cult sees these small ones as mortal enemies in their promise for new generations of Jews, why would there even be a second thought about killing them and dismembering their little bodies? If you believe them to be so heinous, then anything goes. And Hamas wears this face of pure evil with pride.

Today we learn that, according to eye witnesses, such barbarity did indeed take place:

Israeli emergency responders with years of experience doing the grim work of recovering bodies broke down in tears Wednesday as they told CBS News what they’d witnessed in the aftermath of Hamas’ brutal terror attack on Israel… Israeli security forces discovered the aftermath of what a military spokesperson said could only be described as “a massacre.”

“We see blood spread out in homes. We’ve found bodies of people who have been butchered,” said Israel Defense Forces spokesperson Maj. Libby Weiss. “The depravity of it is haunting.”

Weiss told CBS News that more than one of the Israeli soldiers who first reached Kfar Aza reported finding “beheaded children of varying ages, ranging from babies to slightly older children,” along with adults who had also been dismembered.

Yossi Landau, the head of operations for the southern region of Zaka, Israel’s volunteer civilian emergency response organization, told CBS News he saw with his own eyes children and babies who had been beheaded.

“I saw a lot more that cannot be described for now, because it’s very hard to describe,” he said, speaking of parents and children found with their hands bound and clear signs of torture.

I thought this is a very good reflection of what is taking place in Israel at the hands of Hamas, so no one should be surprised:

In a 2014 essay in The The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, called the Hamas charter “a frank and open call for genocide, embedded in one of the most thoroughly antisemitic documents you’ll read this side of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

He titled the essay with a question, “What Would Hamas Do If It Could Do Whatever It Wanted?”

Now we know the answer.

Another question I would ask is: Is it more palatable to these doubters and deniers if the babies had their necks slit, were thrown to their deaths, or smothered? Does that make their murders any less evil? Or is the unspeakably horrific just that? There is an inability to look at evil and call it what it is. But we must. Without fail.

UPDATE: For the ghouls who cried Show us the bodies!, The Jerusalem Post has now confirmed claims that babies were burnt and decapitated. There are also photos at the Prime Minister of Israel’s social media feed (X). They are horrific, consider yourselves warmed.


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