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Weekend Open Thread

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[guest post by Dana]

I’m traveling, so this will be brief.

Let’s go!

First news item

House Speaker, who made concession after concession, including a “motion to vacate,” is now under fire, as Republicans consider other candidates to fill the position.

Second news item

Yet again, a government shutdown is looming as Congress is at an impasse regarding the best way to keep the government funded.

Third news item

Sen. Diane Feinstein passes away at 90. RIP.

Fourth news item

Chew on this:

“The only explanation for either folly is actually the explanation for both of them: they both flow out of the explicit and adamant demands of a calculating and narcissistic Donald Trump.

“Trump has repeatedly called for Republicans to shut down the government as the ‘last chance’ to stop the four ‘political prosecutions’ against him on 91 different criminal charges. He and his sycophants would gladly deny paychecks to more than a million service members and strip food assistance from millions of women and children on the off-chance Trump could delay having to face juries of his peers for dozens of alleged criminal offenses.

“Similarly, Trump is explicitly threatening his House followers to impeach President Biden because Trump was himself impeached. ‘They did it to us,’ he says. But that is not the constitutional standard, which refers to treason, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors…

“The GOP’s opposition to Trump’s impeachment was a tragedy. The GOP’s support for Biden’s impeachment is a farce.”

Fifth news item

Russia seems to confirm that the invasion of Ukraine wasn’t about NATO, it was about restoring Russian empire.

Sixth news item

In light of “more than half of House Republicans” vote against $300 million in aid to Ukraine:

A notable milestone. A shocking turn of history, the modern GOP.

Have a great weekend.


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