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Biden Administration Marks September 11 by Agreeing to Prisoner Release from Iran in Return for Unfreezing $6 Billion in Iranian Assets [UPDATED]

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UPDATE: Naturally our President took the opportunity to lie about having been at Ground Zero the very next day after the attack on the World Trade Center. His need to be at the center of every story has gone well beyond the pathetic and is now venturing into the territory of being downright offensive. He is just an absolute mess of a doddering old fool.

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It’s as if these guys don’t own a calendar (truly, they probably don’t, but everybody’s laptop and mobile device can tell you what today is). ABC News provides the rich detail:

Biden administration OKs waiver allowing deal with Iran to swap prisoners and release $6 billion in frozen Iranian funds.

That’s it. That is the entire ABC News item as of right now (1:30 pm Pacific Time). I just thought I would once again make the point about how lazy and useless our modern news agencies are. By the time you read this, perhaps they will have fleshed-out the item with lots of “Republicans pounce” instant analysis.

Here’s what the New York Post reports:

The Biden administration agreed Monday to unfreeze approximately $6 billion in Iranian assets in exchange for the release of five American citizens held for years by the theocratic Tehran government.

The hostages had been moved to house arrest last month from Iran’s notorious Evin prison, in what the White House hailed as a tentative first step as negotiations were finalized.

As the NY Post writes, this is the same negotiation that the White House let slip last month (probably as a trial balloon to see how fellow Democrats and the overall public felt). At the time National Review Online had this to say:

The White House’s shambolic campaign to empower the Iranian regime is an underappreciated scandal. The U.S. has just granted the Iranian regime a $6 billion lifeline and will release Iranian prisoners, as part of a deal to free five American hostages held unjustly by Tehran.

All Americans ought to celebrate the return home of people arbitrarily held by an authoritarian regime. But this prisoner swap empowers the Iranian government and vindicates its practice of strategic hostage-taking, thus making future abductions by Tehran and America’s other enemies even more likely. And the funds that will flow to Iran will enable its ongoing military aggression and human-rights abuses.

The winners include Iran’s security apparatus, which, despite the administration’s strained assurances, will receive a windfall. The losers: targets of Iranian terrorism in the Middle East, American service members posted there, anti-regime demonstrators in Iran, and Ukrainians under bombardment by Iranian weapons sent to Russia.

When news first came of this arrangement, the official release date had not been announced and word was that it was still being negotiated. I would imagine that it was the Iranians who chose today to consummate the deal, and I don’t think they chose this date by chance. The Biden Administration is probably the most feeble and weak Presidential Administration in our nation’s history. I would imagine even Jimmy Carter finds himself marveling at how supine and gutless these clowns are. If for some reason this date was actually chosen by the Biden Administration itself, perhaps because they thought it would be seen as a diplomatic coup, then the depths of stupidity within the junior varsity of the Obama claque truly knows no bounds.

Is there any Democrat willing to stand up and call out the President for continually embarrassing this country in his weakness? Or have the wagons been circled this tightly?

It’s a disgrace.


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