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National Archives Finds 5400 Pseudonymous Biden Emails

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[guest post by JVW]

Not a good look at all for No-Malarky Joe:

The National Archives and Records Administration has confirmed that it is in possession of nearly 5,400 emails, electronic records, and documents containing pseudonyms President Biden used as vice president.

Legal non-profit Southeastern Legal Foundation filed a Freedom of Information Act request in June 2022 for the records. Those included emails containing the names Robin Ware, Robert L. Peters and JRB Ware, pseudonyms Biden used while serving in the Obama administration, according to House Republicans investigating Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings.

On Monday, the legal organization sued NARA to obtain the records, which it alleges could reveal that Biden shared confidential government knowledge with his son.

NARA confirmed the existence of thousands of records that include the pseudonyms in a June 24, 2022 email revealed as part of the lawsuit.

Recall that House Oversight Chairman James Comer has alleged that emails discussing Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine had been cc’d to Robert L. Peters. Defenders of the President argue that it wasn’t uncommon during the Obama Administration for senior White House officials to use secondary email accounts, and certainly we know that Hillary Clinton and even Barack Obama himself often ventured outside of official government messaging systems. But the number of different pseudonyms that Joe Biden is alleged to have used (at least one of which belonged to a Gmail account) is interesting, as interesting as the myriad number of shell corporations that his son set up in order to handle his assorted business dealings.

This may not turn into a smoking gun showing that Vice President Joe Biden actively sought to help his son make money in foreign countries, but it continues to hammer away at Team Biden’s protestations that they kept a wall of separation between the Old Man’s official duties and the Prodigal Son’s slick hucksterteering. The drip, drip, drip of unflattering information regarding Joe Biden’s actions is destined to further erode public trust in his honesty. More details are destined to come, even if the mainstream media does its best to ignore these developments.


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