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Trump Indicted Over Efforts to Steal Election

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The indictment is here.

UPDATE: Sincere question for those who think the government can’t prove Trump knowingly lied about the election: what sort of evidence would it take for you to agree that, in fact, the government can prove that?

Because there is a passage in the indictment that states:

On November 25, Co-Conspirator 3 filed a lawsuit against the Governor of Georgia falsely alleging “massive election fraud” accomplished through the voting machine company’s election software and hardware. Before the lawsuit was even filed, the Defendant retweeted a post promoting it. The Defendant did this despite the fact that when he had discussed CoConspirator 3’s far-fetched public claims regarding the voting machine company in private with advisors, the Defendant had conceded that they were unsupported and that Co-Conspirator 3 sounded “crazy.”

To me, telling people privately that a claims is crazy and unsupported, and then pushing it publicly, seems like the paradigmatic example of proof of a knowing lie. But I’m just a simple country lawyer. Explain to me why I’m wrong.

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