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Trump Sues Facebook And Twitter for . . . Violating First Amendment

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No time for analysis but here are the lawsuits:

You want a quick analysis? OK: LOL.

A Racial Rorschach Test

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Watching this video, do you see the tragic necessity of parents informing their kids about the realities of police interactions with black people — a necessary “The Talk” style lesson in survival in a world where one wrong move can mean your death?

Or do you see child abuse: well-meaning parents, to be sure, but parents with a rigid set of unshakable beliefs in rampant police racism . . . beliefs that they are communicating to children, causing those children to literally cry at the thought that their loved ones could be jailed or shot by police simply because they are black, and for no other reason?

Me, I see a little of both — like those pictures that were popular in the 1990s where you see a new image when you let your eyes get out of focus.

Whatever your perspective, this is tragic. And it leads me to ask: how is a reasonable, fair, non-racist police officer supposed to communicate with a generation of children who have been raised to believe the things these children believe?

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