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Constitutional Vanguard: Is the Republican Party Deliberately Trying to Prolong the Pandemic?

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Seems like a crazy claim, right? Maybe not so much. Watch what Trump does today. It’s what the GOP will be doing tomorrow.

[A]s applied to Trump, at least, Beutler is right. Donald Trump would be totally fine with the pandemic spreading if he thought it would hurt Biden and benefit him. You may have noticed that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. If you showed Donald Trump a button that, if pushed, would guarantee his re-election . . . but would also cause the agonizing death of every person reading these words right now, he would ask you: “What’s the catch?”

So yeah, I think Donald Trump would be happy to prolong the pandemic to hurt Biden. It’s evident from his July 18 statement equating distrust in the vaccines with distrust in Fake News and the 2020 election results.

Will the Republican party go along with that strategy, even though it’s immoral?

If history is any guide, the answer is yes. If Donald Trump wants people to die so that Joe Biden’s approval ratings drop, the Republican party will fall in line.

Just like they always have.

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